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Conversation Between bluflame and just...v

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  1. Oh, I see. Arabian is a good bro, one of my favs in fact. I'll be sure to accept the friend request. You should bounce around in chat too. It's good for a break from the info overload you'll get from time to time, lol. Welcome!
  2. Arabian invited me and I invited a few I had seen post from his friends list. Np, no I am not in chat, so understood.
  3. Lol, I ment the reason for the friend request. I haven't seen you post in chat which is where I usually hang out. So you come to EF to cut? You'll get a lot of real good info here. Nice people that will be happy to help you out too.
  4. Lol, about 260 and cutting, you? I am studying up, my noggin hurts from overload
  5. What are you up to Blu?
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