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Conversation Between stosstruppe and nangiggles

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  1. Yea that's the unfortunate thing with pedigrees, especially pugs Ours had an operation at the start of the year to remove a lamb bone from its stomach (little shite loves to raid the bin) though has fortunately made a full recovery. They're very expensive to purchase in the UK (1-1'500 each) though we're able to pick them up way cheaper in Germany.

    I'd get another one, surprisingly they've grown on me heheh
  2. Busy with work > no work
    I had to put down my oldest pug, my little Giggles she was in systemic shutdown due to a tumor and nodules, it was the right thing for her but it was SO hard, I'm fighting hard the impulse to get another pug
  3. Ahoi hoi there, just busy with work Wife is conspiring against me with the pug to get a second pug, joy!

  4. Hey stranger, how's life treating ya?
  5. 2 fawns, 6 and 3 yrs old ^_^
  6. Yip have a wee 18month old fawn pug u?
  7. You a pug man?
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