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Conversation Between juiceddreadlocks and -Ariel-

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  1. Hey I'm glad U liked the Costco Bowl.
    Talented Bums...LOL
    Who knows though? Still gonna bet on black and gold.
  2. I've been hounding nimbus bout those longhorns going down. If ya see him be sure to let him know that he should enjoy this shit while it lasts.
    Saturday will be even betta this way.
  3. What a bad weekend!
  4. Bro.. we are not out of it... an early loss may be the thing that keeps this team humble during November.
    We will win this weekend. Opportunity can emerge out of this bad boy yet,
  5. Day of Reckoning is here... in the infamous words of James Toney... You better get you track shoes on, cause I"m gonna knock your punk ass out.
    Ariel' prediction 54-17
    Bet the house on em, and its the lock of the week.
    Black and Gold and the big 12 taking the national title...
    I love it.
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