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Is WWIII possible soon?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Is WWIII possible soon? within the Chat & Conversation category.

Excerpt: Israel's conflict with Lebanon could escalate to include Syria and Iran. The U.S. war in Iraq and conflicts with N. Korea and Iran and China and Japan's involvement. Somewhere in this mixture is the making of World War III.

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    Re: Is WWIII possible soon?

    Quote Quote posted by excugat
    China is the loose cannon.
    China relies on so many imports just to survive and sustain..

    it would be far to easy to cut them off entirely, which would probably cause starvation, panic.. mass rioting of all kinds and an array of chaos in their country.

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    Re: Is WWIII possible soon?

    if genocide is inevitable in Iraq, we should stand back and watch

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    Re: Is WWIII possible soon?

    Quote Quote posted by PICK3

    I never lived through a world war before.

    You won't through this one either

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    Re: Is WWIII possible soon?

    Quote Quote posted by PICK3 View Post
    kill them all ... let God sort them out

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