Hi Elite Fitness,

First off, I hope this doesn't come off as SPAM.
I'm Richard an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. For context, I started a previous company called Thryve) the 23&Me for Poop. I recently left my role as CEO and currently I'm starting my next venture called Compound Health.
Compound Health is the fastest and most accurate way to know your true caloric burn and body comp. We offer a solution for personal trainers, nutritionists, and health coaches with a hand-held body fat and metabolism analyzer that is accessible through a mobile app.
I started the company cause I'm a huge fitness nerd and track all my training, calories, macro/micros in Google sheets. I've always wanted to know if I'm making progress on reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass, but didn't find a good solution that was accurate and convenient.
DEXA/Hydrostatic is the gold-standard but took way too much time out of the day and way too many hoops to get the scan done. The off the shelf weight scales and BIA never felt accurate. My co-founder and I decided we wanted to build a solution that made analysis of body comp accessible. We looked at different methods in scientific research on the hardware and found Near Infrared as a strong technology that was both accurate and convenient.

  • We have the hardware prototype (which pulls in light data accurately to determine body comp)
  • We also started on the mobile app in development as well

I'd love to link this but don't want to come off as promotion.
While we are building the technology, in parallel, we want to see if people would find this solution/tool useful?
If so, why? If not, why? Your feedback would be very helpful, so thank you for taking the time to review it!