So here I am modding on a forum. A huge part of being a mod is rather obvious - we are seen as experts or at least capable of spreading our experience and so offer information to our members.


The more you do for yourselves the better. In the age of the internet it's been said that we think less, do more. So rather than learn a subject we Google it and pass that info on. But we're not remembering and absorbing the info in a useful way.

Worse, as per the example which prompts me to write this, members aren't even clicking on links which having been pasted in response, provides the answer to their query. I mean c'mon guys!

Now I know that the net can be a sod for providing conflicting info and, of course, there will always be some who ask and some who answer (the sheep vs wolf/shepherd analogy). But in the example the member asked about taking a roid with a 2 week clearance time vs taking the same thing 3 months previously. The info is in the link that was provided. To then ask after... well it just suggests a level of wanting an answer beyond the obvious effort of clicking on a link and having to fkin look.


As per my opening paragraph the more you do for yourselves the better informed you'll be because you'll actually have learned something ad taken it on. Any subsequent questions will be better informed. Heck, you'll become the kind of member that helps others!

And don't forget to do a search because all too often it's been asked before