Hello I am a beginner to the fitness world, I am researching some different fitness lifestyles in hopes of finding something to help reach my goal in getting ripped and keep coming to a dead end.
My first problem is when I try to calculate my body fat % it tells me that Iím boarder line obese, when Iím fact I donít look fat. I gave a large, solid frame and often get mistaken for muscular (Iím slightly chubby with almost no definition in my body but can feel my muscles under my fat.) I can maybe stand to lose 10-15 lbs
Height: 6foot 3.5inches
Weight: 230lbs
Neck: 16.5inches
Waist: 40inches
Wrist: 8inches
So my questions are...
1) how do I Acurately calculate and stay on top of body fat%
2) how much should my goal weight be
3) what is the best way to get ripped, and can it be achieved with only body weight excercises(preferably)
4) what qualifies as Hiit and how to turn any workout to hit
5) does hiit replace other workouts
6) how many calories or macros should I take in daily

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