Hello members. Real quick note here. The foul disgusting or offensive avatars must stop as of today. If you have an avatar with something sick or offensive in it remove it now or the staff will be forced to remove it for you. Also, certain sexual type avatars need to be removed as well. If you do not remove them, we will remove them and you if we need to. It doesn't matter in you are a paying member or a free member, you will be removed.

While we are trying to allow our members to express themselves though their avatars and such, other members are being forced to turn this option off do to the contents of others. I myself have almost come to gag reflexes with some of the offensive avatars.

Also, you can not post these types of pictures on our board. If you are posting or linking an offensive picture think twice, it will not be tolerated. This also includes any type of video or flash. Please keep offensive material off our boards. If you do it after today, we will remove the pictures, and you if need be.

Finally, no posting of URLs (links) to any offensive or foul sites. This is the same as the two items above and will not be tolerated.