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~AGXsports.com update~ New Store Front and Now Mix and match any items you Want!

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about ~AGXsports.com update~ New Store Front and Now Mix and match any items you Want! within the Chat & Conversation category.

Excerpt: New Store Front and Now Mix and match any items you Want! With our New Cart :artist: www.AGXsports.com ~We use FAST shipping ~We do not collect your personal info or store it ( lest email address) ~OUR One of a Kind products: Amplify 02 3rd Generation ~!

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    Da Pope
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    Wink ~AGXsports.com update~ New Store Front and Now Mix and match any items you Want!

    New Store Front and Now Mix and match any items you Want!
    With our New Cart


    ~We use FAST shipping
    ~We do not collect your personal info or store it ( lest email address)
    ~OUR One of a Kind products:

    Amplify 02 3rd Generation ~!
    Raw MCC
    LIPOFLAME 3rd Generation ~!

    LIPOFLAME detail link:

    Amplify 02 detail link:

    RawMCC detail link:

    SOME communal Feedback :


    I just finished my third week on the lipostackultra. I managed to pass two of my friends that are pre-contest,
    which i think is hilarious. This is soo funny to me because they are doing cardio every morning and on extremely strict diets.
    I have changed nothing, other than taking this stack and lifting like a freak (almost impossible not to do when taking these sups).

    I've modified a few things within this stack over the past couple of weeks. One I no longer drink coffee in the am. I take
    lipo instead, a much better pick me up with a great overall feeling. Also, i take lipo and a couple of amp on legs day instead of
    just amp. I take just lipo (before my cardio) and raw and on off days. I also have upped my amp to 11 or 12 caps on my chest
    and arms days for truly insane pumps. I also have been taking waxy with my raw 90 minutes before lift (seems to help my pumps).
    If anyone else has played around with the timing and stacking these sups with anything else. Please let me know whats working
    for you, so i can give it a try.

    IMO, being able to get such full pumps is entirely essential for proper muscle/mind connection. You can really concentrate on
    full flexes with each rep while on this shit. Its allowing me to get much better connection with muscles that have been
    previously difficult for me to connect with. (ie. lower lat, pectoral minor, forearms and rear delts).

    My bodyfat seems to be going down while my weight is still going up. Perfect combination. My boss thought it to be
    appropriate to give me a little "pep-talk" about steroids this week. I found this to be terrific because it implied that
    he knew something about steroids and that im on them. If i can portray those types of results for only 50$ a month im pretty damn excited.

    On the down side I got my first stretch mark


    Lipoflame and Amplify02 = AMAZING!!!
    Let me start by saying that I am extremely skeptical of any OTC supps, and even more so of
    supplements hyped on boards where the supplement company is a sponsor. However, Lipoflame
    may really be the best OTC supp I have ever used. I have been taking 1 pill at a time 2-3
    times a day for the last 5 days. I feel amazing all day.

    This is also the only thermo I have ever been able to take on an empty stomach.
    I'm in the military and happen to be the fitness manager for my squadron, so I go
    to the gym @ 530 to train with the guys who fail their PT test. I am not a morning
    person. I wake up, pop a Lipoflame, and head out drinking tons of water. I have more
    than enough energy for my workouts and I never get the nauseous, jittery feeling that
    most thermos give me.

    I gave one to my wife today and 45 minutes later she called her mother to tell her
    about it. It's really that good. I have lost 5 lbs at this point with no change in diet,
    but I'm sure most of it is water. I'm going to start dieting lightly on Monday as it's time
    for my fat ass to get back into shape. I have truly never felt better. I'm going to post up
    some updates randomly in this thread, and I will be buying some of the new Amp as soon as my
    poor ass gets my tax check, so I'll keep everyone posted on that as well.

    Anyone who is still skeptical don't be. I'll be honest even if this stuff didn't make me
    lose an ounce of fat I'd keep taking it for the feeling of well being alone. Great stuff
    as always Omega. I know you're always improving your products but I honestly think we should
    leave this one alone. The only thing that worries me at this point is that someday they will
    stop making this stuff.


    Amplify02 BEST N02 Product on the PLANET!
    Just received my Amplify O2 and Lipoflame today..to keep it short and sweet..popped 6 amplify O2 and 2 Lipoflame
    ..hit shoulders hard as well as biceps and
    I can honestly state that never have I felt such an engorgement or pump in comparison.
    .I felt like my skin was gonna explode..felt friggin awesome..very impressive product.
    .you just gained a liftetime customer..last time I felt a pump even close to this in
    comparison was after using or indulging in Vanadyl Sulfate in the early 90's..props bro..>OMEGA<..
    simply makes NOxplode and the others just look plain silly.



    I went back to chest today. It was a great workout. I took my first try on Amp02 and I have got to say:
    WOW! Amp02 is the real shit. I took 5 Amp02 and 2 lipoflame and it was too much for me. I need to take just
    1 lipoflame and 4 Amp02. BUT, Amp02 gave me the most insane pump in my chest. To the point that I actually
    couldn't finish my full workout I was pumped so damn hard. Between sets my chest would slowly pump more and more,
    it was wierd. My chest actually cramped a little bit. I'm sure the combo of cyclotren an amp02 has made my pumps absolutely
    insane. Also, the veins in my forearms were really poking out. Fellas, as someone who is just testing our sponsors products out,
    Amp02 is the best NO2 I have ever taken bar-none. I have taken MRI-(the original) NO2 which i thought was
    pretty decent, as well as nanoX9 from muscletech which was okay too, but this stuff is the real deal.
    AGX has a kick ass NO2 product. To be honest, I'm not as big of a fan of lipoflame because It kills my appetite,
    which for a heavy person is good, and makes my head feel light almost high or something even on 1/2 dose
    (i get real crazy on stimulants). It gives you the energy that's for damn sure, AND there's no crash, just a gradual taper. I've never ben a real fan of energy enhancers anyway, but Lipoflame does work like said, I just don't like the way it makes me feel (same goes for hydroxycut and any other stuff I've taken before.) I think just 1 cap 2X a day is plenty for my liking. (hey a 3 month supply!) Anyone that can handle 4 lipoflame has taken too many energy stimulants, lol. Even after lifiting, I cam cam home, had a meal and jogged 3 miles and I don't think I'll sleep tonight. I took the stuff at 4:30.
    AGX is awesome stuff bros. Get it. You will be very satisfied.
    weight today was 211. Slightly leaner. The delts are starting to get some moderate definition and separation from the arm.
    strenght seems to be no greater than last week, but definitely as good. I'm sure next week it will start going up some.


    First of all, I want to thank Kaioken for his help in maximizing my gains using Ampo2. He sends me PMs me with tips and advice which is great.

    A little background, I've taken Armageddon, NOxplode, and the new N0 shotgun V3.

    Between those 3, Armageddon was the strongest, (I was taking the max 3 scoops per serving). I wanted to try something new so I decided to order AGXsports "strength stack".


    After my first time using it I knew this was going to be my permanent pre-workout supplement. The intensity and focus of my workout was better than I could have imagined. Not only that, the endurance I experienced was great. I have to force myself to stop lifting to keep from over-training.

    Note : I started taking AMP02 without any break between the other pre-workout supplements I was taking. Armageddon, NOxplode, and the new N0 Shotgun V3 all were losing their effect, ESPECIALLY when it came to endurance and the feeling of "crashing".

    I have noticable strength gains during my week of using RawMCC and Ampo2. I am currently not taking any other creatine product. Here is how I take ampo2 and raw MCC, Kaioken can step in with any other tips and advice.

    2 hours after my last pro/fat meal.

    Ampo2, (pre-workout)
    1 slice of whole grain bread, (pre-workout)
    1 Banana, (pre-workout)
    Lots of H20
    1/2 scoop of purple wraith 35-40 minutes after taking Ampo2, (pre-workout; just before I start lifitng).

    Purple Wraith BCAAs, (post workout)
    Waxymaize, (post workout)
    RawMCC, (post workout)
    5 grams of L. Glut, (post workout)

    60 grams of Whey 30 minutes after Waxymaize, BCAAs and L. Glut.

    Thanks for reading.

    P.S I have NO connection to AGXsports.com, I'm sure many of you who read my previous thread would know that.
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    Da Pope
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    Smile Re: ~AGXsports.com update~ New Store Front and Now Mix and match any items you Want!

    Please Forgive My C&C post

    I just know we have some C and C customers who use LIPOFLAME as their laxative
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