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Protein, before or after ?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Protein, before or after ? within the Bodybuilding Supplements category.

Excerpt: I just ordered a 10lb bucket of Nlarge 2. When is the protein most effective to take, before or after the workout ? I am also planning on taking it before sleep, my goal right now is to gain some more mass and get stronger. I am not concerned about fat. Also, I want to incorporate creatine into my supplementation. How would I go about taking creatine, with or without protein ? How many times and when would it best to take ? Thanks

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    i agree w/ welsh and superstar, both are right IMO. Right after a workout simple carbs and whey. And before a workout small meal w/ carbs and protein, solid food 1 hour before.

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    Thank you all for the suggestions. Here is what I came up with:

    POST-WORKOUT : Drink 5g. of CREATINE (after the loading phase)1 hour before workout followed by Nlarge2 protein shake 15min later to spike my insulin levels and supply the body with plenty of protein.

    My workout usually lasts hour and a half.

    AFTER-WORKOUT: 20min after workout, drink 5g. of CREATINE followed by Protein shake 15-20min later.

    What do you guys think about my stack ?


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    i have my last meal(shake) one and a half hour before i train,and my protein ,carb after training.....then 2 hours later a reular meal.........

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    Originally posted by diamonddiceclay
    before and after a workout is best
    what he said.

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