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Post CT

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Excerpt: Why is it more expensive on Amazon ? Website was cheaper and now I cant purchase from it. What should I do ?

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Thread: Post CT

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    Post CT

    Why is it more expensive on Amazon ? Website was cheaper and now I cant purchase from it. What should I do ?

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    Re: Post CT

    Quote Quote posted by mental22 View Post
    Why is it more expensive on Amazon ? Website was cheaper and now I cant purchase from it. What should I do ?
    Why can't you?

    Plus Amazon will add a fee. Kinda obvious.

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    Re: Post CT

    What website are you referring to?

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    Re: Post CT

    it is quite pricey to sell products on amazon. but it is very pro consumer and shipping is fast. so you pay more for more security and ease of purchase
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    Re: Post CT

    Amazon takes a cut so the price is increased to keep the profit margin the same
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    Re: Post CT

    Check with DG on that one.

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