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dosage of whey protein

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about dosage of whey protein within the Bodybuilding Supplements category.

Excerpt: I am taking Gold standard whey protein, mixing it with water or milk 3 times a day. I try to get it in with my breakfast, lunch and post workout. I am doing 2 scoops each time and it is giving me quite a bit of protein daily. Problem is I am not growing at all, donít see a lick of change in my physique even though I lift daily. How is this possible?

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    Re: dosage of whey protein

    Quote Quote posted by kingshazz View Post
    Ususally on the internet it's said that you need protein in comparison to your weight. Does the same apply for Whey?
    As part of your protein total - yes.

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    Re: dosage of whey protein

    bro you need protein to feed muscle. how much protein you getting on average per day? pay attention to that

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    Re: dosage of whey protein

    Whey is protein so it would be included in your total protein. Although the body prefers real food vs processed dairy byproducts.
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