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Casein protein

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Excerpt: so casein protein is pretty much milk protein. i was wondering if i can just down 20oz of milk before bed instead of a scoop of casein for the cost ?

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Thread: Casein protein

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    Casein protein

    so casein protein is pretty much milk protein. i was wondering if i can just down 20oz of milk before bed instead of a scoop of casein for the cost ?

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    Moderator SteveMobsterG's Avatar
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    Re: Casein protein

    Whey is also milk. The question is how are you with lactose and or dairy products?

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    Re: Casein protein

    the whole casein before bed scam got pushed a lot during the 90's.. they realized they could sell guys more shit they didn't need by convincing them you need it before bed

    believe it or not you are RESTRICTING GAINS by consuming anything before bed. why? because during the night is when your body is resting and repairing.. when you consume something your body is now using up energy to digest that shit instead of using energy to repair. you will grow LESS by doing that
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    Re: Casein protein

    They are comely different things. If you drink milk - you also get all the sugar/fat in milk. You would also have to drink a lot of milk in order to get enough protein. 1 cup of milk only contains 9g of protein

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    Re: Casein protein

    Get your required protein from foods. Dont clog your energy systems before bed.

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    Re: Casein protein

    If you are going to supplement protein then just go with whey. Most of us get plenty of protein though so you probably don't even have to supplement.
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