I had mentioned before on this message board that I'm not for prohormones. Bodybuilding for 5 plus years, I've tried just about every gimmick supplement I can think of. I had tried Androsol in the summer with disappointing results (read none), but skipped a few doses here and there. Anyway, a friend of mine swears by this stuff and insisted I try it again. We were able to buy it for 27 dollars a bottle, so I figured one last time wouldn't hurt. I bought one bottle which at full dosage would yeild me 12 days of use. He gave me another bottle with some more leftover so I could stretch the full two week recommendation. Here's what I did: My diet stayed exactly the same with the exception of an extra 40 or so grams of protein per day. Before the androsol, on a Sunday morning, I weighed in at 174.3 lbs, on one of those coin operated electronic scales, supposedly they are supposed to be pretty accurate. My usual protein intake per day is around 200-215. On Androsol, I bumped it up to around 250. I used the full 70 sprays twice daily, making sure to shower before each application with a non moisturizing soap. I also used a loofah sponge to make certain my skin was very clean. Honestly, about the 12 or 13th day, my muscles were feeling fuller. I promised myself not to weigh myself, or take measurements until I finished the cycle. Two weeks later on a Sunday, i used up whatever Androsol i had left. The Monday after, I weighed myself one more time on the same scale. My bodyweight was now 176.6. That's a 2 and a half or so pound gain. My abdominal skinfold thickness was 2mm LESS, but I didn't plug everything into my bodyfat equation to figure out if I had truly lost bodyfat. I do seem a little bit leaner, and my muscles a little fuller. I really honestly can't say that the Androsol worked, but then again, it could have. I'm not convinced it was the Androsol because it was a two pound gain, but then again it could of been. I do feel that I am leaner, but am not entirely convinced. What I'm going to do is another cycle in a month from now, and this time I think I'll stretch it out for another week or two, so a full month. I noticed a difference the third last day while on, so maybe it took a while to kick in. However, Biotest recommends a two week MAX cycle. As far as my weights go, I was able to do an extra two reps in my usual pullup routine in two weeks, knocked out an extra rep on my heavy deadlift day, some other excercise reps also improved, but no strength gain. If anyone else has tried it and followed the directions exactly, please post your feedback. Any questions from anyone, go ahead and post and I'll try to answer them.