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What can I use to lose 9% body fat in 2 months, is it even possible?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about What can I use to lose 9% body fat in 2 months, is it even possible? within the Anabolic Steroids category.

Excerpt: I have a bet, that I cant loose 9% b.f. in 2 months, Im 188lbs. 5'9 32y.o. 24%b.f. need to get down to 15% any suggestions, or is this an impossible bet. thanks.

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    Originally posted by TxLonghorn
    This will certainly rid the fat amazingly fast, and contrary to dspo, amazingly safe. But I prefer Fina. It goes with everything.

    I never said it was not safe...All I said was it was not the safest...Which means you better do your research before you start to use it...If you jump right in at 800mg it would not be too safe for a beginner....Agreed

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    So far, I just ended my 3rd week of fina 75mf eod/winny 50mg ed, T3 cycle. I am up 11lbs in bodyweight but bf is down 3%. I started at 23%bf 236lbs, this morning was 247 at 20%bf. I ran clen for 3 days, but stopped taking it, too damn hot and humid here for my liking.
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    Cardio and good diet

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    Just accept your bodyfat, and realize that we live in a superficial society, where even with our superior technological and intellectual advances, people are judged by how they are shaped. Anyone who has anything against you because of your bodyfat is below you, and not worth your while.

    Damn, look at that girl walking by! I'd like to get a piece of that! OK, scrap everything I just said, I gotta go talk to her...........

    Guess I'm superficial too..............

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