Whether it is Tren A or Tren E....

After reading considerable amounts about tren I was wondering bros experience and opinon on a couple things. Of course everyone seems to love it, but can someone seperate fact from fiction on this?

Can tren used in a bulking cycle really help drop the bodyfat off of you? Or is this more of a bodyfat is staying the same type of deal and muscle is increasing so bf% is falling?

Is it so anabolic and androgenic that in a cutting cycle in calorie deprivation....maybe just slight deprivation.....that you actually do put on lean muscle and lose fat at them same time?

For the above I guess we must assume that the same dosages are run....

Test E 500mg M/T weeks 1-10
Tren A 75md eod weeks 1-8 (maybe too long unless it is tren e?)

For any article saying it does drop bf there are many more that say no AAS actually help in fat loss per se.