What's your tip to minimize fatgain while on a masscycle? For me T3 at 25mcg with ECA 1-2 times per day at 25/200/125 works ok, but even though a put on a few pounds of fat. Especially in the beginning of the cycle of course when I don't use the T3.
I try to eat as clean as possible, but U know how it it while bulking, sometimes U eat some candy and s**t like that

I also do some cardio while bulking to hold as much BF away as possible.. I thought of trying DNP after next masscycle, without any gear, but I'm to affraid of loosing mass...should I be? I'm pretty affraid I'll screw up myself using 200mg/dag of DNP, 1 cap that is..maybe I shouldn't be...

Tips and maybe "tricks"?