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time off necessary?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about time off necessary? within the Anabolic Steroids category.

Excerpt: the issue is what would be the risk of blasting for 3 months but only taking say 1 month off? Let's say I am doing TRT which my dosage is 150mg a week and i've already been 2 cycles per year doing 3 months on and 3 off. when i blast I blast at pretty moderate dosages, nothing too crazy, and then go back to TRT.

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    time off necessary?

    the issue is what would be the risk of blasting for 3 months but only taking say 1 month off? Let's say I am doing TRT which my dosage is 150mg a week and i've already been 2 cycles per year doing 3 months on and 3 off. when i blast I blast at pretty moderate dosages, nothing too crazy, and then go back to TRT.

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    Re: time off necessary?

    Everyone is going to be different with this.. and really the main thing is how much do you care about your health.

    When you blast and cruise, or go on TRT after a cycle, the general "time on/time off" rule doesn't apply as much. Many people will blast for 16-20 weeks, come off for 8 weeks, and then blast again. It is not uncommon for people to only come off for 4 weeks like you stated.

    If you choose to go this route, you need to make sure to be getting blood work done regularly. Steroids are notorious for destroying our lipids and cholesterol. So, while you may be living a very healthy lifestyle, with a good diet and workout regimen.. your blood work might show you as being the equivalent of a 350 pound man that eats fast food 5 times a day. It's a good way to die suddenly from a stroke or heart attack at a young age.

    The longer you stay on, the more likely you are going to be to develop other issues, like and enlarged heart or prostate.

    There's also the fact that your body does need a break from the oversaturation of the androgen receptors.

    Just take a minimum of 8 weeks off.

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    Re: time off necessary?

    Adverse effects associated with anabolic steroid use.

    • ■ Lipid profile changes
    • ■ Elevated blood pressure
    • ■ Decreased myocardial function
    • ■ Acne
    • ■ Male pattern baldness
    • ■ Gynecomastia
    • ■ Decreased sperm count
    • ■ Testicular atrophy
    • ■ Impotence and transient infertility
    • ■ Increased risk of liver tumors and liver damage
    • ■ Reduced sperm counts
    • ■ Decreased testicular size

    • ■ Menstrual irregularities
    • ■ Clitoromegaly
    • ■ masculinization

    Males and Females
    • ■ Gynecomastia
    • ■ Libido changes
    • ■ Premature epiphyseal plate closure
    • ■ Increased risk of tendon tears
    • ■ Intramuscular abscess
    • ■ Mania
    • ■ Depression
    • ■ Aggression
    • ■ Mood swing

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    Re: time off necessary?

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    Re: time off necessary?

    i mean, you do ultimately do whatever you want man... noone here or anywhere on the internet you ask questions to is your dad... we just give you advice... everyone also responds differently to prolonged use... i dont like the idea at all... its too much strain on your body to throw cycles at it too often... thats your call... its not something i would do or recommend

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    Re: time off necessary?

    So my advice is to not blast

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    Re: time off necessary?

    a lot of people do this man. these are the guys who only care how they look in the mirror, but they look like shit on the inside.

    doing this will age you faster, not just how long you live but also your spine and gut health too. i can go on for pages on the risks of doing this but haven't you all learned from all the guys dropping dead from steroid abuse?
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    Re: time off necessary?

    Get blood work done. It will let you know if you're pushing too hard
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    Re: time off necessary?

    Stress on your organs man. I would only blast 2x per year to stay as healthy as possible. You should still be able to make gains when not blasting if you are doing things right.
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    Re: time off necessary?

    Well another thing besides health strain is the fact that only taking a month off doesn't give your body enough time at homeostasis. Myostatin will still be elevated so your next blast won't have shit for results. Longer you take off the better the next blast will be
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