Did I blow it?

I am making a 50ml Test P/Mast P combo at 125mg/100mg, respectively, with 3% BA and 20% BB. I added the powder (6.25gs of TP and 5gs of MP) and solvent and stirred, but the powder didn't seem to dissolve all the way. There were still large clumps of powder floating in it. I then baked the solution for awhile at 300 degrees, but the solution was still a sort of cloudy, chalky white. After that I put the vial in a pan of boiling water for about 20-30mins and the solution was STILL white and cloudy. However, there were no clumps of powder at all. It was just cloudy and chalky looking. At that point I began to think that the chalkiness was possibly just impurities in the powder I received. So I went ahead and filtered the solution through a .2 pore whatman. (Man, it sucks filtering through a .2 pore.) After filtering the solution came out a very light, clear golden color. Now I'm wondering if maybe I filtered out all of the powder. What do you think?