Height: 6'0
BF: 10-7%

Currently running a cycle with testosterone prop. and masteron. Running about 400mgs of test. per week along with 300mgs of masteron. Trying to bulk up, but strictly weight that won't hinder my speed. Cyle will last 6 more weeks. Ran 30 mgs per day of Dbol first three weeks to boost gains. I have been on this cyle for 3 weeks now and have gone from 196-204, but no rela strength gains yet. How long until I can see weight and significant strength gains? Also I have capability of getting winstrol and test. suspension for 6 weeks which I will incorporate in the middle of the current cycle. I will probably run a 400-500 mgs of test suspension with 50 mg eod or edof winstrol. How will that affect the overall outcome? More bulk or atheletic type muscle?