Greetings! First, please excuse my ignorance. I'm new at this,

I'm a 52 year old male and I'm on 180 mg of test c per week. I'd like to take more but that's all the doc at the clinic will allow me based on my numbers:

Total T - 607
Free T - 26

I'm also taking 50 iu of HCG twice a week on days 3 and 5 after my T shot. This is to help with testicular atrophy as well as to hopefully boost my libido.

I've been reading many different threads on the subject of libido and orgasm as I'm interested in being all I can be. So far, the things that interest me are:

TB-500 (TB4)

It seems that Proviron and Clomid may help with libido in some, though I undrestand that Proviron may be tough on the hair. What really interests me is TB-500 as it can assist in quicker recovery rates from strenuous workouts, but more importantly for me, an increase in semen output and orgasm intensity.Understand I have a healthy sex life with no ED problems... just want to maximize what's available. Feeling 19 again is important to me, if possible. It's a quality of life thing. My questions are:

If I pin TB-500, can I do it in the abdomen or must it be in the penis itself? (Scared about that!) Does Proviron work for the intended stated purpose? Would Clomid be better? Is there anything else I haven't thought of?

My ejaculations used to be strong and plentiful, but now a few drips is all I get. Orgasms seem weaker.

Not sure about a good source for Test Cypionate. Been ripped off once already by Steriods2G. Any thoughts, comments or slams appreciated.