I just finished a 10 week Test 250/Tren 250 cycle a montha ago.
I didn't run a pct because I'm goin start a 6 week Test 300/Winny 50mg cycle so there was really no sense in running pct.
My gyno got really bad during the test/tren cycle. I had a little bit of gyno from past cycles that I didn't run correctly. I was thinking about taking letro for maybe 2 weeks before starting this 6 wk cycle to get rid of existing gyno. Then taking nolva throught cycle. Last 3 wks of cycle running 500IU's eod of HCG and 2 weeks after last injection beginning 4 wks of nolva, aromasin, vitamin-e, and vitamin-d for pct. How does this sound to u guys??