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My Trenbolone winstrol Log

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about My Trenbolone winstrol Log within the Anabolic Steroids category.

Excerpt: 140523140524140525140526140527140528 I will start the log here and keep it updated. Main goal of the cycle is to lose fat and weight while maintaining strength and possibly gaining some lean mass. I've done this successfully on my last 2 cycles. My diet while on this was 20/4 IF and keto. I would work out fasted, eat keto during the 4 hour window following the workout, and then be done again until the next day. I lost about 15-20 kg during the 12 week cycles and gained a little

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    ELITE MODERATOR the_alcatraz's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
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    Re: My Trenbolone winstrol Log

    Quote Quote posted by e_mashek View Post
    Attachment 140532

    Everything else arrived today, so Iím good to go. I pin Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, so Iíll start the cardarine tomorrow morning, Monday here, and mix the tren with my next test dose on Wednesday. Any thoughts on when to add in the winstrol and Ostarine? Iíll just start it all Wednesday (except the cardarine) unless the room suggests otherwise. Iíll make the switch to keto in 10-14 days after the Tren has had a chance to build up.
    you should start winstrol and ostarine day 1 dont need to wait imo

    and you should switch to keto from day 3 so your body is ready when tren kicks in to really shred up

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    bros start the winstrol right away and keep log going

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    Olympian ROIDDERS's Avatar
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    Mar 2014
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    good log and start winny osta day 1 imo

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    Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight Quadsweep's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
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    nice log and I like the pics
    push more updates
    www.needtobuildmuscle.com sponsored athlete!!!

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    Chairman Member Ulter's Avatar
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    finally this log is moving I was waiting nice one

    and winny hit it now

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    Elite Mentor e2's Avatar
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    Mar 2000
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    i like this log good start following

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    Elite Mentor 2Thick's Avatar
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    Oct 1999
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    this log can get GOAT status if you get more before after pics up

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    Medical Review Board StevenDarwinMD's Avatar
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    Dec 2021
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    Approved log

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    Moderator SteveMobsterG's Avatar
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    Feb 2017
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    Re: My Trenbolone winstrol Log

    As nice as it is I'd avoid doing a cycle based on 20 different inputs

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    Good Bro
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    May 2022
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    Re: My Trenbolone winstrol Log

    Monday May 16, AM.

    Took the first cardarine, Ostarine, and Winstrol.

    Cardarine @ 20
    Ostarine @ 25 (did the math and have enough for 25/50 instead of 20/40
    Winstrol @ 25 (other 25 in the PM)
    Tren will start Wednesday

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_8784.JPG 
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Name:	IMG_8785.JPG 
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Name:	IMG_8786.JPG 
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