Consumer Review: I Took Illegal Steroids And Ended Up In The Hospital Due To Swollen Deltoids Cutting Off The Blood Flow To The Rest Of My Arms.
I have been misled by other means of muscular development and I am too small for the frame that I want. Hence, I would like to broaden my field to something legal. I tried the illegal steroids and ended up in the hospital due to swelled muscles in the deltoids. In the end, I would like to be true to my frame and try this from a new angle. If I can body build without worrying about swelling off my blood supply, I will spend whatever it takes to achieve my ideal weight and build. If you could assist me on this 5'11" build, I would be ever so grateful. Thank you for your time. I would like to go beyond my slender body frame and take on the look I've paid so much to achieve. Only to go to the hospital due to swollen deltoids cutting off the blood flow to the rest of my arms. Painful experience!! So, please, make this something to help me get on my way to a new level of fitness.

Response #1
Which steroid did you take and how much of it? What were your gains? You might have taken the wrong one.

Response #2
I don't know what you've taken before, but I would suggest very mild steroids, like anavar, or perhaps anadur (nandrolone). I wouldn't recommend any testosterones, only the milder Nandrolones (Deca, Anadur e.o). These have almost no side effects.

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Response #3
You should try Testocreme. It is an all natural testosterone product in cream form that is applied twice daily. It does not shut down the natural testosterone like parnetals do. It is also relatively inexpensive. I use it and have made great progress.

Response #4
First of all, don't start using steroids until you have reached your plateau (your body won't grow anymore naturally) and you're over 21 years old (because your hormone production is very high before that). I'm 5'11" myself, and you can get big without steroids. Maybe not as big as when you use em, but still big. I myself gained 50 pounds of muscle in the first year just by using proteins and creatine, a lot of sleep and good food (wheat, bread, eggs, a lot of boiled potatoes, no sweet candy crap, etc.). If you want to get big, you have to EAT, EAT and EAT or else you won't get there.

Response #5
Steroids?? Can you people read? This guy was already in the hospital once, and now your advice is to switch to a milder steroid? What the hell is wrong with you people? Steroids f--- you up. If you want to look better, then go to the gym, lift hard, and eat right. It may take a while, but you'll get to your body's peak strength safely.

Response #6
I'll go with Answer #5. I studied health and fitness and there are many ways to improve your body. You must be really stupid if you risk shrinking testicles, impotence, early hair loss, acne, coronary heart diseases and lots more. How long will it take for you guys to wake up?

Response #7
It is true that the consumption of steroids can have very negative effects on the body. However, the effects will vary from one person to another. Many users will experience no side effects at all while taking very large amounts of anabolics, and some users will suffer some very serious consequences as a result of their steroid use, even if they only take small amounts of even very mild anabolic steroids. So yeah, steroids can fu–– you up, but there is no guarantee that it will or that it won't. The final decision is up to the user and what his or her priorities are. Some people can die from substance abuse, others from taking very small quantities. Nevertheless, as previously stated, some users will experience no side effects. Such is the case of the Mr. Olympia competitors that have been using roids since their youth and are still alive an kicking. If steroids did fu–– up everyone that used them, then somebody is putting on a hell of a puppet show at the Mr. Olympia