I'm on tren and a low dose of winstrol now, and ran out of vitex. did a search on bromocriptine and saw that some guys recomended deprenel as a better alternative. this drug elevates dopamine, and high dopamine levels end up dramatically lower prolactin release. this made alot of sense, since in my first cycle i did tren and anadrol and couldn't figure out why i had no gyno symptoms. I happened to be on high doses of welbutrin (a potent dopaminergen) at the time. I ran tren later when off welbutrin and got mild gyno. Well turns out i had a crapload of piracetam tabs sitting around, and they also elevate dopamine. a few days ago i started taking 3-4 400mg tabs three times a day and saw a complete cessation of nip puffiness. the only problem is that i feel perpetually stoned. i could have mispelled everything in this post and not have noticed. i also locked my keys in my car today and forgot what day it was, among other things. i'll see if i get used to this...i'm also gonna drop the dosage some so i can function and stuff.

i am gonna go eat doritos with my tuna now. later.