My letro finally came after almost a month, problem with the hcg i ordered with it. I am about 4-5weeks in to a test cycle, started with dbol but noticed a sore nip and lump a few days in. Jumped on 1mg Adex ED and dropped the dbol. I've been on 1mg dex daily for about a month now and the lump is still there but no soreness. I plan to run the cycle for another 2-3 weeks until i my wedding/honeymoon, then go back on my hrt dose.

My question is whether to start the letro now and most likely be on it during my honeymoon or wait until all the festivities are over to start? I'm thinking wait to be safe from libido/ED issues. Will waiting another month to start letro give me less chance of it shrinking/reversing the gyno?