It seems like half of what I hear about insulin contradicts the other half. Here are a few things off the top of my head. Can somebody please explain these to me better...
1. Insulin stores glucose as fat.
Why then when you drink coffee which burns fat, does it increase your insulin levels? I understand that your body has to, to prevent the blood sugar from getting too high, but I thought you donít burn fat when your Insulin levels are up?
This also goes along with using slin to induce low blood sugar to start a ketosis diet (as Dan duchain says). If you take slin to induce ketosis, are you not pumping all your glucose into the muscles. And now if you stop eating carbs, you still have to deplete all of that glucose you stored right? Taking slin on a no carb diet would be suicide. So why take the slin in the first place?

Personal question:
If I eat sugar, I can literally put myself to sleep, or if I eat too much without other food, I will get the spins so badly if I was standing I would fall on my face. This has happened a few times before I learned to control it. This is hypoglycemia right? So would this mean I tend to have low insulin sensitivity? I have a glucose meter and my Blood sugar never gets anywhere near high. EVER!
So Iím guessing my body just produces too much insulin?

Iím hoping that somebody on hear understands more than I do and can explain whatís going on to me.