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First Cycle - Opinions please

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about First Cycle - Opinions please within the Anabolic Steroids category.

Excerpt: Hi guys, hope your all well. Looking for advice/opinions/criticism. This is my first injectable cycle. In the past I have only done 2 oral cycles many years ago using nap 50s. The cycle that I am currently running goes like this; Week 1-4 Sustanon 250 per week Deca 200 per week Weeks 5-12 Sustanon 500 per week Deca 400 per week

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    Good Broly sean501's Avatar
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    Re: First Cycle - Opinions please

    The last 5 posts.

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    Moderator MasonicBodybuilder's Avatar
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    Re: First Cycle - Opinions please

    I don't like the body fat, changing dosages mid cycle, or running deca and test together for a first cycle. Give it some time to sort these things out and have a great simple first cycle when you are ready. You only get 1 chance at a first cycle and you will get great results if you do it right!
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    Chairman Member cbbram's Avatar
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    Re: First Cycle - Opinions please

    oh lord here we go again... steroids 101 first cycles are test only and you're too fat. try SARMS. we have a sarms sponsor here on the forum.
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    Da Pope RickRock13's Avatar
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    Re: First Cycle - Opinions please

    Youd be better going the sarms route right now
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    Re: First Cycle - Opinions please

    Sust + Deca is definitely not the best option for the first cycle. I’m not an expert in the steroids field but I believe before you start playing with your health/body transformation it’s better to make proper research.
    Now Deca offers a kind of a unique list of problems versus other steroids. So other steroids we’re usually worried about estrogen. In this case, we are worried about prolactin. So when prolactin levels rise too much it causes problems in the body. You’ve probably heard of Deca-Dick. So that’s gonna be dealt with here. Also lactating nipples, another problem gyno, low sex drive and being in a shitty-ass mood. That’s Deca and also tren can do these.
    In order to prevent all that it’s better to keep on hands Cabergoline also known as Dostinex. Regarding the dosage. Like in your case you are on a low dose zone of Deca (actually it all varies from individual to individual, your body can react differently on gears than others, plus fresh receptors) you can take 250 mcg every five days.
    Dostinex blocks the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland in the brain and prevents from high prolactin.

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