wonder if any1 can help me im 35 years old i have been training in total for 14 years was always very lean and strong even when i trained with friends who where juicing people would ask me if i was doing anything when i was clean,

so anyway i like to try things in life and eventually did a 12 week course of deca and sus for 4 weeks then veromone and winstrol noveldex and hcg and clomid all run perfectly had great gains and never did anything for 2 years after that but trained and kept myself in great shape, to make this shorter il just say i did another 2 full courses after this, tren mastanon test ext ext but was going out every weekend and drinking, and taking other drugs anyway i suffered some bad side effects i'v had surgery twice on my chest first 1 was wrong, had lipo, second time i had the glands removed i also ran a 12 week deca course on its own with no pct just before i found the money for surgery as thought this would disquise my gyno abit i was desperate, anyway im training again now my chest is still not wat it use to be scar tissue quite bad on one side but it takes time to heal properly my problem is that any time i have wanted to stripped my body fat down it has
been easy through changing my training to interval and fitness training and diet but my body is not the same my upper body gets lean where my lower body bum legs is holding estrogen fat one side of my ass has more fat then the other loool have to laugh anyway i no its not diet or training as i have looked it up, i got some advise from some1 as i want to try 1 more course to try and combat this so i have just started test enth, 500 a week and equipose, 200 a week for ten weeks with last 3 weeks 25mg proviron im taking tomaxifim 10g a day should i increase to 20g or more considering my previous experience my question i guess is can i get my fat storage back to normal or am i stuck with this sorry for this long ass jumble hope it makes sense if this aint a warning to always be safe when doing cycles i dont no wat is anyway any sensible answers or advise would be greatly appreciated