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Bovine Colostrum...natural alternative to GH?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Bovine Colostrum...natural alternative to GH? within the Anabolic Steroids category.

Excerpt: I am just finishing up a EQ & Test cycle and have been researching some possible alternatives to try as I transfer back into the natural training realm. I just wanted to know if anyone has heard of supplementing with "Bovine Colostrum"? My gym owner raves about the product which was actually designed for cattle to increase lbm. He trains our local junior hockey team and has seen muscle gains in indivduals of up to 10lbs in a few months. It is legal and apparently available at any vet

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    Feb 2003
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    As I was finishing my cycle I started my bovine supplementation. I was using about 10 grams per day and found that it did indeed help with my transition back to my natural levels. I split the dosage of 5 grams in the morning with my protein shake and another 5 grams 45 minutes before a work out. I felt unusually strong while taking considering my test levels were low. Colostrum definitely will not replace AAS any time soon, but is definitely a supplement to consider while going natural. Expect to stay on it as more of along term approach in order to see results. Believe it or not a friend of mine competed using only bovine colustrum leading up to his competition and over 6 months prior gained 13 lbs. I know this is true as he was deathly sensitive to all AAS due to acne related complications. Its important to find out how it was filtered also, always try to find low heat powder if possible. I know BAC stocks it but I will investigate to see how their product was formulated as compared to that of Symbionics.

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    Good Broly
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    Jan 2003
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    Very interesting.
    Thought about it before but didn't try it.
    Must hear more.

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    Pro Bodybuilder Tarheel's Avatar
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    I know one person who uses it and swears by it, but he has the best genetics I've ever seen in person so he doesn't count.

    Its good in theory, as colostrum is very similar to an egg. An egg is what nurishes a baby bird, and colostrum is the super duper milk that first nurishes a baby cow. Watch out for some of the bodybuilding colostrum though, super $$$

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    I use it mostly cuz its in a protien powder i get from this place www.musclemass.com and they sell it by itself too....i decided to give it a try after biting the inside of my mouth sparring with a friend since i always see they recommend putting it on wounds for accelerated healing esp in your mouth...and it works,at least on me..in 3 days of making a paste out of it and dabbing it on there it healed up about 90%,which was about 90% better than the antibiotic rinse and paste the doc gave me was doing. I think my recovery is better while on it but i havent taken a massive enuff dose to see what effect it would have. Not saying it would work for everyone but it sure worked in my case and i'm pretty much a supplement disbeliever in most cases since i bought as many anabolic mega packs as anyone


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