I am in preparation to run my first cycle starting Nov1st. Originally i was planning on doing a Anavar only cycle at 30-40 mgs a day. I have talked to some people that say you can make decent gains on something as mild as anavar, and other's say "you won't gain dick on that stuff by itself". I am about where I want to be in terms of size and shape, I would like to significantly increase strength and put on maby another 10-12 solid pounds( a large size increase isn't even desired). Should I add E.Q. or should I add test(if I used test I would add armidex, I hate to look even a little bloated, I am only considering test because I DO NOT WANT TO KILL MY SEX DRIVE WHILE ON! Would I experience that with E.Q.?) If I could achieve my goals with Anavar alone that would be ideal.Would yu guys reccommend adding a lower dose of E.Q. or test, or not at all? If so, which one considering my goals?