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Advice for getting HGH

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Advice for getting HGH within the Anabolic Steroids category.

Excerpt: Hello everyone, I am in desperate need of finding HGH on the market. I am able to afford it, but have been having trouble finding a legit distributor to buy it from online. Can anyone help me out?

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    Advice for getting HGH

    Hello everyone, I am in desperate need of finding HGH on the market. I am able to afford it, but have been having trouble finding a legit distributor to buy it from online. Can anyone help me out?

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    Re: Advice for getting HGH

    I'm interested aswell hope someone can help

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    HEAD MODERATOR stevesmi's Avatar
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    Re: Advice for getting HGH

    you can head over to evo and talk sources
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    Looking for a steroid source? click> https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/...iii-59858.html
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    Re: Advice for getting HGH

    If you want to check out a source, then I would recommend you to visit the source section of EVO (http://www.evolutionary.org/forums/source-talk/). There you will find detailed information about different sources, and will see feedback from their customers. I am sure that after doing a little research there you will be able to make a well informed decision in regards to the source for your gear. Personally, I love the Berd Pharmaceutical stuff sold by Roidmass, but you should never listen to just one opinion, and do your research. The above mentioned place is a good place to start.

    HGH is great, and it really does wonders. However, there are a couple of problems with it that I don't like. First of all, it is extremely hard to find the real one these days, and there are tons of fakes sold. And if you manage to find the real one, the price will be really high, which will get even more expensive, considering the need for long cycles with HGH. As already mentioned, you need to run really long cycles, with HGH, which is not cool either. This is the reason I prefer Nutrobal to HGH - it is much cheaper, it is relatively easy to get the real thing (especially if you get it from sarms1.com), it works much faster, and it does not suppress the natural production of GH. After all, it will stimulate your natural GH production, and not just put some exogeneus GH into your body. Besides, it has the convenience of being taken orally, compared to the daily injections needed with HGH. THis is why I always recommend Nutrobal instead of HGH - you basically get the same benefits, but in a much more convenient way.

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    Muscle Pimp muskate's Avatar
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    Re: Advice for getting HGH

    The problem with HGH is that the market is loaded with fakes. I am not exaggerating when I say that 99% of the HGH on the market is fake or underused.

    The best thing you can take to increase HGH levels in the body naturally is nutrobal. Nutrobal is an HGH analogue. It signals the pituitary gland to increase HGH output. If you don't want to use actually HGH injections, that is going to be BY FAR your best option. I would say 25mg of nutrobal is equivalent to about 3-4IU of pharmacy grade HGH per day.

    You can read up on nutrobal more here -> http://www.evolutionary.org/nutrobal-mk-677-ibutamoren

    The nicest thing about nutrobal is that because your own body is producing the HGH, you don't have to worry about fake product like you do with HGH.

    Unless you have access to real legitimate HGH straight from the pharmacy, I would use nutrobal.

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    Moderator MasonicBodybuilder's Avatar
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    Re: Advice for getting HGH

    I would just get to an anti-aging clinic that way you are getting a real pharmaceutical product. Do not buy from the black market.
    ***Canadians, hit me up on Wickr Mobile (MasonicBB) for my steroid source***

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    Re: Advice for getting HGH

    I just bought it form the black maket.

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