Here is my story always been skinny and tall (6'). Two winters ago I did the following cycle

Week Stanzalolol Andriol
1 80mg
2 80mg
3 100mg 160mg
4 100mg 160mg
5 100mg 240mg
6 125mg 240mg
7 125mg 240mg
8 240mg

I went from 143lbs to a max of 163lbs over the 8 weeks. Since then I have lost a little and now weigh 156lbs. I developed a slight stigmatism in my eye, which went away after the cycle, and was impotent for 3-4 weeks after the cycle.

I would like to do another cycle to bring me to a stable weight of 165-170lbs with minimal side effects. I specifically would like to avoid the impotence as it was kind of hard to make up excuses why I didn't want to fcuk my girlfriend.

I'm interested in any oral only cycles that you would suggest for me.