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22g needle steroids

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about 22g needle steroids within the Anabolic Steroids category.

Excerpt: are 22 wide enough to inject my gear using oil base? or should I 25's ?

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    22g needle steroids

    are 22 wide enough to inject my gear using oil base? or should I 25's ?

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    Re: 22g needle steroids

    The lower the number the bigger the needle. 22g is too big in my opinion. I use 25g and never have an issue. I even use 29g slin pins for oil based stuff

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    Re: 22g needle steroids

    The larger the gauge the needle trip, the smaller the needle tip will be.

    For example a 25g needle will have a much smaller needle tip then a 22g.

    Although you can do steroid injections with a 22g, it's a pretty big tip and it'll cause you quite a bit of post injection pain.

    A 25g is the perfect size for a steroid injection. It'll slide right into the injection muscle and cause very little post injection pain.

    Use a 18g or 20g for withdrawing the oil the from the vial and use a 25g 1' or 1.5' for your injection.
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    Re: 22g needle steroids

    22G is too big bro

    stick to 25G, maybe 23G if you are injecting thicker oils like primo

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    Re: 22g needle steroids

    I use 23g for glutes and quads. Feels fine

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    Re: 22g needle steroids

    Using 24's since forever.

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    Re: 22g needle steroids

    I use 23g 1.5" for glutes right now no problem.
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