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Posted by BUFF N' SWOLL IN DA 97 on February 26, 1997 at 02:30:34:

In Reply to: Re: DMSO-subq inj.? posted by Unique on February 25, 1997 at 17:02:26:

: : : : Here's a question for the medical experts out there - Would injecting DMSO/Trenbolone mixture SUBCUTANEOUSLY (with an insulin pin) be outrageously stupid and dangerous?? I know there have been studies where they injected DMSO IM and even IV, but obviously that was highly pure stuff, etc.
: : : : Anyway, how sensitive is your body to subcutaneous?? I'd imagine the absorbtion would be a lot better than rubbing the stuff on your skin, and a 1/2cc insulin syringe would be perfect for the usual preparation that has 40 mg/cc (a 20 mg dose).

: : : Why not just dump the DMSO and make an IM solution?

: : : -APF

: : Good point, but I have two reasons (I mean that I'm rationalizing anyway- don't know if they're valid)-

: : 1) IM Injection w/ tren. acetate, since it clears the system so fast, would still have to be done every couple of days, and that would be a lot more painful.. Injecting w/ insulin syringes is NOTHING.. You could do that twice a day w/ NO problem

: : 2) Wouldn't sterility be much more of a concern w/ IM delivery? That's what I really want to know, if injecting DMSO subcutaneously will cause big problems/infections..

: : I mean I'm sure IM injection would be the BEST way, but I figure subcutaneous would still be a step above the "topical solution."

: : Anybody know if I'd be in great danger if I injected the DMSO subcutaneously?

: Very interesting! Have had the same thoughts myself but never had the time to look into
: it. DMSO if it works is great for several reasons--first is that it is inherently bacteriostatic, ie
: it inhibits bacteria growth. This would drastically reduce chances of an abcess. Also, with the DMSO,
: it would disperse quickly from the muscle into the bloodstream. Here are the questions--does this stuff
: hurt when injected; does it cause any tissue necrosis (muscle/subcut). IV is out because high % of DMSO
: will cause hemolysis of the red blood cells. DMSO MIGHT be the greatest solvent/injectable around. Then
: again???????? Somebody should do a Medline search on DMSO (watch out there are tons of studies on this stuff)
: and find out about injecting it. Might prove to be very interesting!
: Keep up the fight
: Unique

DUDE!!! Take heed before you do this injecting DMSO is NOT the way
however there is a way... all that email, I'll show you!!!
peace!!!! buff n swoll from cow-town...

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