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Pharmaceutical Name: GHB gamma hydroxy butyrate

Description: This compound is a naturally occurring metabolite of the amino acid GABA. Before it was removed from the over-the-counter market, supplement distributors purported GHB ability to increase natural growth hormone secretion. These claims were based on a 1977 study by the Third Department of Internal Medicine, Okayama University School of Medicine, Okayama Japan. In this study, it was discovered that GHB has a significant effect on pituitary hormones, specifically growth hormone (GH) and prolactin. In this trial, a dose of 2.5 grams of GHB was administered to a sample of healthy male subjects prior to sleep. What they observed were significant increases in plasma GH over a period of 90 minutes. These plasma GH levels reached peaks of nearly 40 mg/ml. This lead researchers to conclude that the supplementation of GHB stimulates the secretion of GH by the pituitary gland in healthy human subjects. GHB may cause a release in GH by modifying the amount of serotonin available from the nerve terminals. Others believe that GHB blocks the release of dopamine from nerve endings thus increasing the dopamine concentration of the brain. Others feels that a serotoninergic mechanism is responsible. GHB has been used for many years in parts of Europe and Japan for a variety of medical purposes. The therapeutic applications of this drug have been proven effective in the following areas: treatment of insomnia, anxiety, as an anesthetic, to relieve the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholics, to treat narcolepsy, to improve REM sleep, as a muscle relaxant, to treat tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), to treat sexual anxiety and inhibitions, and as a tranquilizer. This drug has a very wide mode of action. GHB is extremely popular with bodybuilders for a variety of reasons as web. Some feel the GH releasing effect contributes to anabolism and lipolysis. Other athletes use GHB to induce and improve the quality of sleep. This proven effect of GHB may aid in the recovery process. Other athletes use GHB as a diuretic. A number of athletes use GHB simply to tranquilize themselves. Often, a very euphoric sensation occurs after taking GHB which is attributable to an increase in brain dopamine levels. One expert has theorized that GHB exhibits its most beneficial effect on bodybuilders by reducing the body's endogenous cortisol levels. In this respect, GHB may be exhibiting its actions through an anti-catabolic mode.

Effective Dose: 1 teaspoon of the powder mixed with water before sleep.

Average Street Price: $20 per gram

Side Effects: GHB can cause extreme drowsiness. Large doses combined with central nervous system depressants including alcohol have caused some users to become extremely ill and required hospitalization. These cases of product misuse caused the FDA to remove GHB from the over-the-counter market.

How to make GHB:

The chemicals you'll need:

gamma butyrol lactone

sodium hydroxide NaOH: also known as caustic soda. Sodium Hydroxide comes as either flakes or pellets, make sure to check purity with the supplier and buy the purest.

The only other things needed to make the GHB is your kitchen stove, a pot to heat the solution in, and some pH paper. Here's the recipe: You'll need a glass pot big enough to hold 2 quarts of liquid.

Note that purchasing the lactone will certainly be suspicious and most probably get your name on a mysterious DEA list somewhere. Also note that the makers of the lactone never expected someone to drink the stuff so no thought has gone into the toxicity of the impurities which it will contain. What commercial process is used to make the lactone? Remember the lactone can be used as a wood cleaner.

Into the glass container pour 1 quart of gamma-butyrol-lactone. Heat this liquid over a low heat. Lactone boils at about 192 degrees Fahrenheit, but you must not allow this to happen! It would be wise to check the temperature of the liquid with a thermometer.

You want just enough heat to dissolve the sodium hydroxide into the liquid.

Into the 1 quart of lactone start by adding one pound of caustic soda pellets.

Heat the mixture slowly until the pellets dissolve.

The ratio of the lactone to NaOH should be 1g NaOH : 2.02 ml butyrolactone.

At 760 mm Hg the lactone boils at 204 C (convert it to Fahrenheit yourself, [9/5*C]+32)

The temp. will rise quickly on adding the NaOH. Slowly adding it would be the key. Then again, I also suspect that there might be problems dissolving the NaOH so perhaps this rise in temp. is not a problem. Once the NaOH is dissolved, check the pH of the solution with the pH test paper. It should be in the range of 2-4. We are shooting for a pH of between 6-7. You must add small amounts of caustic soda to the initial one pound amount, check the pH, add pellets, back and forth until the correct range pH, between 6-7 is attained. Once you have attained the, correct pH reading turn off the heat and let the solution cool. What you have now is a 50% solution of GHB (50% GHB, 50% water).

For ideal measuring purposes, we want a 20% solution. To do this, you have to measure the total amount of liquid you have and add to it one and a half times as much water. At this 20% solution, one level teaspoon of liquid is equal to one gram of GHB if it were dry.

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