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Pharmaceutical Name: Oxandrolone (Click here to view the pictures.)

Brand Names & Countries of Origin: In the US, Anavar was manufactured by Searle Laboratories until it was recently discontinued. It is now available again as a treatment for AIDS in the US although the cost is extremely expensive.

Anavar (o.c.) 2.5 mg tab.; Searle U.S. discontinued

Anatrophill (o.c.) 2.5 mg tab.; Searle FR
Lipidex 2.5 mg tab.; Searle Brazil
Lonavar (o.c.) 2.5 mg tab.; Searle Argentina
Lonavar 2 mg tab.; Dainippon Japan
Oxandrolone SPA 2.5 mg tab.; SPA I
Oxandrine 2.5 mg tab.; BTG U.S.
Vasorome 0.5 mg tab.; Kowa Japan
Vasorome 2 mg tab.; Kowa Japan

Description: Oxandrolone is a mild, low androgen 17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroid with very low toxicity. Preferred by thousands of men and women users because it promotes protein anabolism and rarely caused adverse reaction. Anavar is primarily used to promote strength and muscle hardness. In the International Journal of Obesity, (1995; 19: 614-624), it was shown that Oxandralone enhanced bodyfat reduction significantly in both the abdominal and visceral stores.

Anavar is manufactured by searle lavatories under the brand name, and by spa labs under the generic name Oxandrolone. The brand name drug is made under a certain number of loss per year. This if it sells out before the end of the year, the product just disappears. Searle does not make more until the next term. This keeps the price of anavar high, and availability low. Anavar is typically prescribed on a 2 - tablet, twice daily routine. The drug is better absorbed when taken right after meals. Woman have started with one tablet twice daily. This is thought to be the optimal dose for women.

The drug can be used in combination with other steroids for optimum results after a plateau is reached on the anavar alone. If some size is required, but no injection is desired, dianabol or anadrol can be combined with the anavar. Here the user would add 1 dianabol tab twice daily or a half anadrol twice daily. Later, and for greater size, going to 4 dianabol tabs, or to two anadrol per day has worked well. For greater gains the user would add an injectable steroid to the cycle instead of the previously mentioned orals. The injection would vary from deca for cutting, to testosterone for weight and strength gains.

Research shows that anavar is the one anabolic steroid least likely to cause any side effects. There are very rarely reports of ill effects of any kind using anavar. There is seldom any fluid gains with this drug, which makes it the drug of choice for athletes with potential blood pressure problems. Anavar is also good for athletes who need to keep their weight down. Therefore, you will find a number of bodybuilders using anavar the last two months before competing.

Some powerlifters claim that this steroid is No. 1 for gaining strength without water weight. Women like Anavar because very little masculinisation in any form have been seen among woman who have used Anavar at a dose of 5 mg daily. Most women start out on 1 tablet per day and go up to three tablets daily. The dosage of 5 mg of anavar per day has worked out to be the optimum. The first signs of virilisaton could include persistent hoarseness, deepening of the women's voice, acne, decreased libido, and/or clitoral enlargement. If any of these symptoms should appear, the woman should end the cycle immediately.

Anavar will not aromatize. This means that it is one of the very few anabolic steroids that will not convert to estrogen at any dosage. This means it will not cause the appearance of a soft look to the muscles nor will it lead to the development of breast tissue in men. Some persons will convert much more of a steroid to estrogen than others. These people can use a dosage starting with 2 tabs twice daily, and reaching a maximum dose of .1 MG of Anavar per pound of body weight. If the athlete plateaus on the drug alone, he might add a small dose of deca that would most likely not aggravate any existing gynecomastia. Or a daily dose of 10 MG of halotestin could be added to the anavar cycle to increase strength and hardness, while having no aromatize in effect.

Anavar is a multi-purpose steroid. Its very low toxicity makes it safe to take, even on lower cycles. It is advised that a high protein diet be maintained while taking anavar to insure its effectiveness. It is been counterfeit under the Spa label. Watch for the Searle liable to be safe.

Effective Dose: Men: 6-8 tablets per day or 7.5-15 mg/day. Women: 3 tablets a day.

Pharmaceutical Price: $30 for 100 tabs.

Average Street Price: $3/tab

Cycles and Stacks: Oxandrolone is not a steroid to bulk up on; yet, it is often part of a bulking stack. It could be combined with testosterone or Dianabol to accent these highly androgenic compounds.

Side Effects: Athletes claim that this drug is unsurpassed in its ability to promote strength without water weight gains. Oxandrolone will not aromatize at any dosage. Which makes it ideal for steroid users with potential hypertension complications as well as pre-existing gynecomastia.

Counterfeits: Legitimate oxandrolone rarely shows up on the American black market but is found abundantly in Europe; it is Counterfeited under the generic and brand names.. The Brazilian Lipidex form of real Anavar, comes under the Searle label in foil templates in strips of ten tabs.

Effectiveness Rating: 8

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