The Bodybuilding Truth - Learn it today! Think you know about


? Think again.

It's a fact: You're being fed a pack of lies by the con artists in the bodybuilding industry. And if you want to gain the maximum muscle in the shortest time possible, you must learn to avoid them.

Read on to find out how you've been scammed (without even knowing it) and how to stop it once and for all.
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Dear friend and fellow athlete,

Think you know about bodybuilding? Think again.

If you really knew how to build the ultimate body in less than six months time, would you keep paying for more? More supplements? More personal training? More courses? More magazines? Would you keep spending your money on the deceptions, the product scams, the bogus supplements, and the false muscle building methods that the bodybuilding marketers propagate to line their pockets? The end result. Your bodybuilding progress is held back while the fat cats get rich.

What if you knew the truth? What if someone were to blow the whistle on the con artists within the bodybuilding world and at the same time, share with you the secrets for packing on thick, dense muscle - fast! And burning off every last ounce of your bodyfat! Sounds unthinkable right? Well, the unthinkable has just happened.

Every week I get at least one proposal from some self-appointed guru wanting us to publish his latest bodybuilding book. I read them, but never publish them, because basically, they're all worthless. However, the latest book by my friend Mr. Nelson Montana, titled The Bodybuilding Truth -- Insider Secrets You're Not Supposed to Know, literally blew me away. And it blew away hundreds of ideas that I had accepted as truth for years about the sport of bodybuilding and exposed everything the bodybuilding marketers don't want you to know.

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Nelson Montana is an in your face kind of guy; he tells it like it is. A bodybuilding industry insider, Montana worked for Testosterone Magazine, but got fired because he refused to write an article touting ZMA, a fancy Zinc supplement, as the latest thing for muscle growth. As an insider, he saw more deceptive tactics than you can imagine. It got to the point where he was ready to throw in the towel -- instead; he decided to compile this controversial book - The Bodybuilding Truth.

So, when the book was finally finished after five years of work, Montana pitched it to the bodybuilding press and to some of the bodybuilding websites. While a few publications confessed that they liked his work, they also flat out admitted they wanted no controversy. In some cases, an upstart website would be interested, but later turned tail and went mainstream as soon as they tasted a few supplement dollars.

You see, most companies just want the same stuff that has been said so many times before that they don't care whether it's right or wrong. Finally Montana got around to pitching the book to Elite Fitness. Clearly discouraged, Montana warned me that I would probably not want to publish it. But I told Montana that at Elite Fitness, I eat controversy for breakfast - so bring it on!

And boy did he!

The Bodybuilding Truth is filled with all the information that was considered too radical for print. This is the stuff that none of the other magazines or websites would touch.

I honestly believe that within these pages is everything a bodybuilder needs to know to achieve maximum muscular development. But, I'll warn you now, most of this information will fly smack in the face of what you've heard and what you may have convinced yourself to be true. Be that as it may, I have nothing to gain by convincing you Montana's way is better. The goal here is to pass along information that will save you years of wasted effort and thousands of dollars in worthless books, magazines, personal courses, instructional videos, and overpriced supplements. Not to mention the pounds of muscle you're sure to gain.

It's a fact:

Most of the information you've read about building a better body is a lie. A central premise of Montana's The Bodybuilding Truth is actually very simple. Bodybuilding results are limited -- for everyone. As much as we all would like to believe that bodybuilding is an endless pursuit with unlimited opportunity for growth, your potential is most definitely finite. There's only so much you can do to develop your body to its utmost potential.

Yet bodybuilding is also a business, and as with any business, revenue must be generated. Therefore, the bodybuilding industry constantly provides the buying public with new incentives, new products, new anything -- as long as it can be sold. What's more, much of the so-called information you'll find in magazines and websites is manipulative and deceptive. Nevertheless, it's propagated for profit at your expense. And the deceit is intentional. If you really knew the fastest way to make the most of your bodybuilding potential, you wouldn't remain a customer for very long and the marketers want your business forever!

But Montana's always tried his best to rectify the abundance of misinformation perpetuated by the bodybuilding con artists. Not because he wants to make some kind of great humanitarian gesture, but because he's the kind of guy that gets a kick out of proving the Emperor has no clothes. And as you'll see in The Bodybuilding Truth, he's butt naked.

In The Bodybuilding Truth, you'll read all about the following:

An inside look at supplement companies. (Even the most jaded gym rat will be shocked at how badly you've been f**ked over.)

The scoop on personal trainers and strength coaches. Think they know the best way for you to build muscle? (Hint: They don't have a clue!)

Traditional bodybuilding techniques that you've been led to believe work. (And why they're dead wrong!)

The single worst thing you can do if you want to build muscle. (And almost everyone does it!)

The top bodybuilding gurus who are total frauds. (Whatever you do, don't listen to them!)

Why timing your nutrients is a complete waste of time. (And what you really need to do to make the most gains from what you eat!)

A simple modification to your bicep training. (It will give you bigger guns than you ever thought possible. And it's so simple!)

The most effective calve routine you'll ever find. (Add inches quickly, and it takes just FOUR MINUTES a week!)

Been reading up on what supplements work and which are a waste? Don't bother. (Most reviewers have ties to supplement companies. Here's the honest lowdown from a guy with no industry ties.)

Is safe steroid use possible? (You'll be surprised at the answer.)

Why using ephedra actually makes you fatter! (And a cheaper faster alternative for getting the perfect 6-pack.)

A unique ab exercise that almost never appears in print. (No, it isn't a variation of a sit-up or leg raise. It's ten times more effective!)

Want a great chest? (Forget about bench presses! Here's why.)

Plus much, much, more!!!

In The Bodybuilding Truth, you'll also get the following 19 in-depth articles designed to help you pack on dense, freaky muscle, while burning major amounts of fat -- fast. Check this out...

Article 1. A Different Abdominal Exercise for perfect abs.....REALLY!

Oh NO, you say! Not another ab article. You must be kidding. That's the stuff you find in those wimpy fitness mags, which have titles like "Trim Down and Tone Up By Summertime!" They're everywhere -- every month. You would think that nobody had ever heard of a sit up before. That's what it comes down to, you know. Every ab exercise out there is just a variation of the sit up or leg raise. That's the problem. And don't get Montana started on those ridiculous "abercisers" that attempt to circumvent the neck strain by providing a head rest that winds up pulling your head into an even more unnatural position. The abs are no fun to work and the slowest muscle to grow.

But, the abs are the "showpiece" of your body. You can be muscular beyond belief but if your abs are soft, to most people you're just a big fat guy. But someone with an average physique and killin' abs can look spectacular! The Bodybuilding Truth tells you the truth about how to train abs once and for all.

Article 2. Chest In Time -- Perfect Pecs In Just 20 Minutes a Week

For most bodybuilders, the chest responds faster and more favorably than any other body part. In other words, they're easy to "pump." At any rate, if the chest is so easily developed, why is it that so few people have great looking chests? We've all seen the guys with the big bunchy chest or the chest that bulges or hangs. This is the result of improper chest training. The pecs run across the top of the rib cage and should be slab-like in appearance -- wide, high and tight -- this requires even development. Since the pecs develop quickly, it shouldn't take more than one workout per week (approximately 20 minutes) to achieve perfect pecs. But training has to be done right. The Bodybuilding Truth explains how.

Article 3. Cooked Calves -- In Under 4 Minutes

How are your calves? Mine suck - and Montana's aren't so hot either. Actually, by normal people's standards, Montana's are pretty good. But by bodybuilding standards...well, let's just say that Dorian Yates wouldn't be intimidated by a toe-to-toe comparison. So what makes Montana qualified to write an article on calve training? Ironically, anyone with outstanding calve development is the last person to be giving advice on improving the lower leg. They're the ones who have it easy. That's because, more than any other muscle group, the size and shape of your calves is determined by heredity. People with a genetic disposition for shapely muscular calves need only to walk and their calves will look good. Bastards! For the rest of us mere mortals, it's almost impossibly hard. After years of trial and error, Montana finally found the secret to adding precious muscle tissue onto those stubborn calves. The Bodybuilding Truth explains how.

Article 4. Working Your Biceps To Their Fullest - The secret formula for loaded guns!

Everyone knows the appeal of the bicep muscle and its importance to one's overall appearance. Instead, let's get right to the point: Biceps training is probably the simplest form of all bodybuilding exercise, yet thousands of bodybuilders fail to stimulate bicep growth with ample success. There's a reason for that. There's also a solution. If you never seem to get a good bicep pump and would like to rectify the situation, get this. The standard bicep curl doesn't directly affect the bicep -- at least that's the case with most people. The Bodybuilding Truth explains how to pump the biceps so hard you'll feel it all week.

Article 5. Terrifying Traps -- How To Build Traps So Big They're Scary

Large and powerful traps are an awesome sight. Huge hulking trapeziuses are a statement. They exude power. You don't get hefty traps by playing sports. You get them by lifting weights! The Bodybuilding Truth contains an innovative trap routine, which is sure to pack on size and strength through the traps and upper back. And it explains all the ways to avoid the trap, traps that can hinder growth and strength gains.

Article 6. Ten Steps To Killer Quads (Load The Rod and Thrash The Quad)

It's leg day. You either dig in and accept the fact that in order to obtain more thigh size, you'll have to endure some pain, or you wimp out and "take it easy" - "work 'em light" -- do a "little bit." Any way you choose to rationalize the latter, it'll still spell the same result. No growth. Okay, so it's gonna hurt. But leg growth doesn't occur through pain alone. Training smart is just as important as training hard and when it comes to working the legs effectively, you may be shortchanging yourself out of optimum results. This can be the result of following erroneous advice or simply not taking advantage of some little known yet highly efficient quad building strategies. In The Bodybuilding Truth, Montana reveals ten strategies guaranteed to produce maximal growth in minimal time.

Article 7. Build Melon Sized Deltoids -- While Hardly Moving a Muscle

Everybody has a favorite body part that they love to show off. Short sleeves allow the world to see a muscular pair of arms. If someone's got great legs, there's a good chance you'll see them wearing short pants, long after the weather starts turning cold. Good abs? Open up that shirt! But even fully clothed, nothing depicts the image of masculine muscularity more than a broad set of shoulders. Without that classic "V" shape that a well-built set of delts provide, the other body parts will fail to impress. It all starts at the shoulders. But, as imperative as the shoulders may be to a bodybuilder's overall appearance, they are an often-misunderstood body part. Often neglected, and more often--over trained.

By adding just a half an inch onto the lateral head of each deltoid, the "width" of the shoulders will appear to increase dramatically. Incidentally, wide shoulders will also make the waist appear slimmer, further enhancing the complete package. So how do we properly stimulate deltoid growth while simultaneously avoiding over training? In The Bodybuilding Truth, Montana shows you how.

Article 8. Total Triceps Training -- The Secret to Becoming "Well Armed"

Nothing looks more impressive in its relaxed state than a meaty pair of triceps. When the arms are hanging loosely at the sides in a short-sleeved shirt, it's the triceps, which dictate the overall appearance. Novice trainers work the biceps to death in an effort to increase arm size. It makes more sense to emphasize tricep training since they comprise the majority of the arm's potential size. If the tris look good, your arms will look good. Montana's routine for training the traps shows you how to hit all three heads of the triceps and help you build bigger arms faster than you ever thought possible.

Article 9. Back In Action (If Ya Wanna Grow - Ya Gotta Row)

Admit it. Your back training hasn't been nearly as intense as it could be. How do I know that? Take a look around most any gym and you'll see for yourself. With all the super-smooth machines and cable devices designed to train the back, it's almost as if an entire generation of bodybuilders have dismissed the most effective back developer there is -- the barbell row. But if you want thick, dense muscle throughout the back it's imperative that you work the muscles as nature intended -- as a group. In The Bodybuilding Truth, Montana explains how.

Article 10. Don't Believe It -- 10 Bodybuilding Myths That Must Die!

How do so many misnomers and half-truths make their way into the muscle-building foray? The main reason is a phenomenon known as "parroting." Once a theory is accepted as credible, its influence spreads and soon authorities and laymen alike repeat it until it soon becomes standard thinking. Opposing viewpoints are ridiculed since they contradict what has become known as "correct" thinking. It's the "flat earth" mentality. It sounds reasonable. Everybody agrees. But it's wrong.

In the case of bodybuilding myths, what is too often accepted as fact may not only be a worthless endeavor, but may actually inflict harm on the body you're trying so ardently to develop. In The Bodybuilding Truth, Montana dispels 10 Myths that most of us are guilty of to some degree and gives you answers for replacing the bad practices with ones that really work and help you gain maximum muscle.

Article 11. Seven Bodybuilding Don'ts

If you've been at the weightlifting game for a while, you may know what to do. But that's only part of the process. It's knowing what not to do that can often make all the difference on the road toward a better body. In The Bodybuilding Truth, Montana reveals the seven most grievous "don'ts" you can make during your workout. Think of them as the seven deadly sins of bodybuilding! Avoiding them will help create the ideal physique in the least amount of time. Learn them. And avoid them at all cost.

Article 12. "Inside-Out" Training -- Taking a new look at some old exercises.

In The Bodybuilding Truth, Montana shares his inside-out training methodology. The principle is simply to approach an exercise from the opposite perspective. Most bodybuilders have used an apparatus for something other than its original intent. A few examples may be using a cambered bar for rows or employing the tricep rope for curls. Yet most of the machines available in most gyms are approached in a more conventional manner. Using the "inside-out" principle we can mutate the action involved with most machines to incorporate several functions even their designers hadn't thought of!
Montana shows you how by sometimes taking a different approach, you can "outwit" the constant adaptation process and find new methods of inducing growth.

Article 13. The High Intensity Mistake

There's an ongoing debate among bodybuilders as to which type of training protocol is superior. Most people believe that a significant quantity of training volume is necessary in order to stimulate muscle growth. Since this practice has proven itself thousands of times over, one would think its credence was indisputable. Nevertheless, there are others, equally qualified, who feel that it is momentary intensity alone that determines muscle growth. Only when a muscle is pushed beyond the stress in which it has never received will the impetus for more growth occur. But where and when does that occur? As a matter of fact, the term "high intensity" is perhaps the most misunderstood concept in bodybuilding. In The Bodybuilding Truth, Montana discusses high intensity training, also known as H.I.T. and Heavy Duty, and elaborates on its merits and shares with you the pitfalls you need to avoid.

Article 14. The Food Fallacy - The Truth About Nutrition

Get ready for a shock...

Your diet has almost nothing to do with the way you look.

Yes, it's true. Trying to alter your appearance through diet is the most misinterpreted and misguided procedure toward obtaining a better body. Obviously Montana's not advocating that a meal plan of donuts and potato chips is just as good as any other. But you don't really need another book to tell you to eat wholesome foods, do you?

The simplest dismissal of the overestimation of food would be to look at men in prison who lift weights. Some of them are ripped! Yet, they eat slop. How can that be?

Read this next line carefully:

"A bulldog doesn't get to look like a greyhound by eating like one."

In The Bodybuilding Truth, Montana dispels the bodybuilding diet myth that can keep you from making the gains you want.

Article 15. Vegetarianism: Good People Making Bad Choices

There was a time when if a friend who was vegetarian was eating a plate of lettuce and carrots for lunch, Montana would exclaim, "That's not food -- that's what food eats." But he's a much more sensitive person these days. Now he just enjoys his chicken and steak and politely smiles. After years of studying and debating the merits of vegetarianism, Montana explains how the supposed benefits of Vegetarianism don't hold water.

Article 16. The Truth about Anabolic Steroids -- Some Rules To Follow When You Decide To Break The Rules

Opinions on steroid use tend to fall into two distinct categories. You have those who are vehemently opposed to them, -- then you have the advocates, the underground bodybuilders who do everything to build muscle and steroids are at the top of the list. Neutrality within this controversial topic is rare. More rare is the willingness to see both sides of the picture. Steroids, used irresponsibly, can cause a host of complications. However, many "anti-roid" assessments stem from a lack of credible information and far too many people draw conclusions on those who wish to partake based solely on prejudice and ignorance. These are the people who always know a guy, who knew a guy, who had a friend who knew a guy whose brother worked with somebody who had a neighbor who knew a guy who took steroids and his head exploded. In The Bodybuilding Truth, Montana tackles the issue of anabolic steroids and shows you how to make an informed decision and get the best results either way.

Article 17. CLASSIC BODYBUILDING -- Old Time Tricks For New-Found Muscle

In this section, Montana explains a group of exercise techniques, you're not likely to see performed in most gyms today, yet, at one time, they were a staple of most bodybuilder's routines. They also work remarkably well. You may wonder why they've been discarded -- until you try them. They're damn hard! The modern bodybuilder has become so accustomed to silky smooth machines that any movement that doesn't glide along a controlled curve may seem strange and uncomfortable. That's exactly why you should do them! Give these movements a go and the following day you'll find yourself sore and pumped in spots you never knew existed!

Article 18. The (Abridged) Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding Greats

It would be impossible to mention everyone who has contributed to the state of modern bodybuilding, but there are certain individuals and their muscle building ideas that need to be acknowledged. In an effort to broaden the understanding of our lineage, Montana presents a montage of some of bodybuilding's forefathers -- those who were the first, and those who were the finest. You may not be familiar with some of the names, but they've all been influential in the sport of bodybuilding, as we now know it.

Article 19. Wisdom of the Ages

We're constantly bombarded with new ideas and innovations making it easy to overlook the lessons from years ago. We view our elders as less knowledgeable -- less "in touch." Nevertheless, it's important not to forget that the bodybuilders from long ago were the ones who taught the teachers of today and you can never be sure if everything they knew made it down through the generations. There's always a chance that something's been forgotten or prematurely discarded. By taking a closer look at the perceptions of some of the games old timers, one comes to realize that they not only knew as much as today's so called experts, they had some pretty controversial yet highly effective theories as well.

Montana takes a look at some of these quotable quotes from the sages of strength who were living and loving bodybuilding long before most of us were born. You'll see just how well, good advice holds up over the years. A "best of" compilation of favorite articles revealing the methods that turned mortals into marvels before the days of anabolic steroids.

How much would you pay for 30 years worth of advanced bodybuilding information wrapped into one easy-to-read book -- a gold mine of priceless information you can't find anywhere else! Normally, Montana sells The Bodybuilding Truth for $69.97, but today and for the next 72 hours only, he's agreed to offer The Bodybuilding Truth to our readers for the special price of $39.97. That's more than a 40% savings.

There's nothing else to buy. It's all here! For the price of a subscription to a newsstand publication or a tub of protein powder, you can have bodybuilding's best-kept secrets at your fingertips! Best of all, if you place your secure eBook order by midnight , you'll also receive 5 free bonus reports valued at over $150 all for free. And as an added incentive, Montana will include for free a copy of his other book, The complete History of the Supplement Industry, a $49.97 value, at no additional charge. Click here to place your secure eBook order and to save.

I'll give you all the details of the 5 free bonus reports and the free bonus book a little further down, but first, I would sincerely appreciate your reading what some of the people who have read The Bodybuilding Truth had to say about the book. All the following comments are on file and are completely unedited.

"The Bodybuilding Truth is amusing, wide in scope, and on the money.
Nelson Montana is readier, more willing and quite able to stand up and
speak up about the trash."

-Dave Draper, Mr. Universe

"While other bodybuilding authors are kissing ass in an effort to get
endorsements, Nelson isn't afraid to tell it like it is. This book will
upset alot of people, and that's just what this industry needs."

-Steven Terris, Gym Owner and Training Coach

"The Bodybuilding Truth is more truth than most guys can handle.
Montana pulls no punches!"

-Rick Collins, JD

"I've read almost everything Nelson Montana has written and I haven't
seen a bad piece of information yet. The Bodybuilding Truth is a "must
have" book for any serious bodybuilder."

-Dennis Weis, (The Yukon Hercules), Bodybuilding Author and Powerlifting

"The Bodybuilding Truth is the truth!"

-Dr.Eric Serrano, Nutrition and Sports Conditioning Coach

"The Bodybuilding Truth is so truthful it's scary! Nelson Montana
writes about what many of us are thinking but don't dare say out loud."

-Bruce Castilano, Manager World Gym

"(Nelson Montana) is a wild stallion in an industry filled with trained

-Lou Schuler, Fitness Editor, Men's Health

"(Nelson Montana) is certainly no slouch in regards to his knowledge."

-Dr. Mauro DiPasquale, MD, MRO, MFS, BofSC, Bodybuilding Author,
Powerlifting Champion, Heralded Authority on Nutrition and

"As a police officer and martial arts expert, I like realistic, no fluff
information. I generally just flip through the muscle magazines and
only buy them when (Nelson Montana) has articles in them."

-Bob Davis

The (chapter on) The Golden Age of Bodybuilding is the most enlightening
thing I have ever read.

-Derek D.

"Good to see you back kicking ass!"

-Alwyn Cosgrove, Martial Artist, Bodybuilding Clinician

"Where was The Bodybuilding Truth 10 years ago? I could have saved a lot
of time and trouble."

-Warren Seiz - Competitive Bodybuilder

"I really enjoyed all the diet and exercise tips, especially that REALLY
BRUTAL ab exercise!!! It's tough and turns the biggest guys into
pussies! Keep up the great writing -- we all need it out here -- and
thanks for everything you've helped me learn!"

-Gabe Bilawa, Bodybuilding website designer

"I've found (Nelson Montana's) work to be a breath of fresh air."

-Andy Plefferkorn, Certified PT for 10 years

"My pathetic lagging parts are becoming quite harder. It wasn't until I
started reading (Nelson Montana's) theories on lifting that I learned
how to train."

-Fulton Lee

"Nelson Montana is a bright lone voice in an industry of liars and scam
artists. It needs to be heard."

-Michael DeMeo

"Nelson Montana isn't the most politically correct guy in the world, but
he's a straight shooter. The book is great!"

-Alwyn Cosgrove, Bodybuilding Clinician

Fact: Many (and perhaps most) of Montana's testimonials are from buyers who are not resellers or friends. They don't have a hidden motive for endorsing his book. It's just their honest opinion.

People sometimes ask : "Aren't those testimonials just made up?" Nope. Why make 'em up when Montana gets 2-4 new ones every day? Besides that, in the USA making up testimonials is fraud and you go to jail for it! Click here to place your secure Bodybuilding Truth eBook order and to save.

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FREE Bonus Report 1: (A $29.97 value, yours free!)

Move More. Look The Same -- Don't Do Aerobics! - They will make you fat.

Conventional wisdom has it that weights build muscle and aerobics burn fat. Right? Not necessarily. The standard thinking is aerobics are a necessary component for fat loss and cardiovascular health, but in Montana's opinion, they're essentially just an ineffective form of exercise. No one wants to admit that they've wasted hours of time on something that has reaped no reward. Most serious exercise enthusiasts include aerobics in their program but no one knows why -- other than what they've heard. In free bonus report 1, Move More. Look The Same, you'll hear something different. A $29.97 value yours free if you invest in a copy of The Bodybuilding Truth by midnight .

FREE Bonus Report 2: (A $29.97 value, yours free!)

The "No Aerobics" Aerobic Workout

Following the same lines, Montana provides an "alternative" to traditional cardio training. The advantages of employing his methods are threefold.

1) You will enter the "fat burning zone" much more quickly.

2) You avoid the muscle breakdown so often associated with typical aerobic exercise.

3) You place the body in a state that allows for more muscle growth.

Try it just once. Chances are, you'll be huffing and puffing so hard you won't have enough breath left to argue! A $29.97 value yours free if you invest in a copy of The Bodybuilding Truth by midnight .

FREE Bonus Report 3: (A $29.97 value, yours free!)

The Ketogenic Farce -- An Expose' of a Disastrous Diet

When discussing nutritional strategies for the bodybuilder, it's doubtful a discussion can last for two minutes without someone mentioning the ketogenic diet. This controversial method of losing weight and burning fat has become a widely utilized diet plan among bodybuilders embarking on a fat loss diet, yet I sometimes wonder if anyone knows why. It could be that the ketogenic diet falls into the same category as so many other fallacies that are perpetuated through "parroting" in that an authority makes a claim (coupled with some sketchy scientific rationalization), and before long, it spreads among those in the field. After a while, everyone who wants to sound like they know what they're talking about begins repeating the information. Soon, the hyperbole and hypothesis are considered fact. If the information is of a technical, scientific perspective it has an additional snob appeal, which appeals to exercise elitists. In an effort to appear "in the know," no one dares to disagree with the popular consensus. So is the case with ketogenic diet. In Free Bonus Report 3, Montana debunks the myth of the ketogenic diet and presents far more effective alternatives. A $29.97 value yours free if you invest in a copy of The Bodybuilding Truth by midnight .

FREE Bonus Report 4: (A $39.97 value, yours free!)

Lost Secrets From The Golden Age of Bodybuilding -- Mass From The Past

Here's a news flash. The human body hasn't changed much in the last 100 years. What worked once, will work again. What didn't -- still won't. I believe the old timers of the game were more knowledgeable, more dedicated and more "advanced" than the slew of drug bloated lunkheads, pedantic geeks and armchair experts who control the sport today. It's a shame so much of their wisdom has been overlooked. In FREE Bonus Report 4, Montana reveals all the lost secrets from the golden age of bodybuilding and shows you how you can benefit from them. A $39.97 value yours free if you invest in a copy of The Bodybuilding Truth by midnight .

FREE Bonus Report 5: (A $29.97 value, yours free!)


Bottom line: Most bodybuilding supplements are a joke. If you're as fanatical about getting every nutritional advantage as I am, you want to know exactly what to use and what to avoid. Here's a list of what Montana consider to be worthwhile supplements. He doesn't sell any of them so the information is purely objective. A $29.97 value yours free if you invest in a copy of The Bodybuilding Truth by midnight .

And when you order by midnight , you also get the free bonus book, The History of the Supplement Industry (A $49.97 value, yours free!)

The original Muscle Media 2000 was a terrific bodybuilding magazine and a personal favorite, which is why Montana considered it a dream come true when he started working for its former editor-in-chief TC Luoma. That thrill quickly turned to dismay when he got the inside scoop on the people whom he thought were so bright and sincere. It was a hard lesson, but a good one. Parts of this Free Bonus Book originally appeared on the "Testosterone" website and there's a great irony to this piece. It was intended to expose the slimy side of the supplement business yet little did Montana know; he was unwittingly knee deep in it himself.

Montana's book, the complete history of the supplement industry is the best expose I have ever read of how we have been manipulated by so many for so long.

As most everyone who has been involved with bodybuilding for any appreciable amount of time knows, the business of supplements has a history fraught with deceit and deception. When people are hopeful to the point of desperation for a specific desire, they are willing to take desperate measures to obtain that desire. That often means paying "any price." And the people doing the selling know this. That's why they pay famous athletes millions to endorse their products. But isn't it dumb to believe a new product is responsible for the athletes past successes? Nevertheless, the ploy works.

Nowhere is this premise more prevalent than in the industry of bodybuilding supplements. We've seen them come - and we've seen them go. Ambiguous terms like "adaptagens" and "metabolic optimizers" that were major "buzz words" just a few years back, appear amusingly quaint compared to the more scientific terminology currently in vogue. Then again, it's a good bet that ten years from now, we may all be laughing at how seriously we debated the superiority of ion-exchanged ultra low temperature bio-available micro-encapsulated protein with non-denatured triple cross flow filtrated long chained oligopeptide bonded enzymically hydrolyzed protein isolate!

To get a better perspective on how sports nutrition supplementation got so out of control, Montana goes back to the time up until the late seventies when the supplement industry was dominated by Joe Weider and Bob Hoffman. He tells the story of Scott Connelly, the developer of MetRx, and his partnership with Bill Philips. He tells you how Philips went on to create EAS. He reveals the supplements that actually contained anabolic steroids when initially released only to be reformulated later once word of mouth had shown them to be effective.

He tells about how many of the most successful supplement companies like Next Nutrition and SoCal were started and financed by drug dealers with the proceeds from the sale of anabolic steroids.

Much like the Joe Weider photo where his head is super-imposed on the body of a bodybuilder, these people and others like them, are duping you. They're selling you a pipe dream. They aren't "bad asses" or "gym rats" or "regular guys" struggling to make gains like you are. They're con men who live in mansions -- paid for with the dollars they scam from gullible customers. Don't be a sucker. Sound interesting? Then you'll find Montana's book, The History Of The Supplement Industry fascinating.
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