Do you want massive shoulders, huge pecs and ripped abs, reeking of power and sexual magnetism? For most frustrated guys, it's impossible, but for a few, it's easy if you understand exactly what to do...

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Controversial author Nelson Montana's new eBook BottomLine Bodybuilding separates the BS from the real deal for packing on thick, dense muscle and shredding off your excess fat -- fast! This is the one guide that gives you the cold hard facts on Training, Diets, Supplements, and Drugs -- all in one place!

Bottomline BodybuildingBottomLine Bodybuilding will show you how to take your muscular development to its ultimate potential and expose the lies that the Bodybuilding Scammers (the Magazine Publishers, Supplement Makers, and Web Sites) want you to believe so they can sell you more garbage. If you'll spend a few minutes with this letter, I'll tell you how today and until midnight , you can get it for 40% off the regular price and get 7 bonus reports valued at $189 -- all for free, including the underground report "The Perfect Steroid Cycle." Read on...

You can read the magazines. You can study the science journals. You can spend all day on the Internet, gathering information from the best and the brightest, and STILL, make mistake after mistake! That's because, even the so-called "experts" do little more than repeat the same false information over and over. Sometimes the more educated they are, the more "wrong" information they know! Don't be a casualty of misinformation and waste time trying to sort out the truth from the trash. Get to THE BOTTOM LINE.

Here are some of the muscle building, growth producing, and fat burning secrets revealed for the first time in BottomLine Bodybuilding.

THE BOTTOM LINE... What It All Comes Down To
As the title suggests, THE BOTTOM LINE is a "get down to it, no fluff, no hype, non-apologetic" journal that is designed for one thing and one thing only -- to show you, the bodybuilder, the most direct and uncomplicated methods toward building more muscle and shredding off!

This is the hardcore drug section where Nelson's supposed to have a disclaimer of some sort. You've read drug guides before -- they are written in the third person and have some legal type wording that basically state that all the information is for entertainment purposes only and isn't medical advice -- blah, blah, blah... In other words, if you misinterpret the information and screw yourself up, DON'T BLAME THE AUTHOR. But Nelson's drug section is so hardcore, he assume no responsibility at all. As a matter of fact, Nelson instructs you to consider everything in "Setting the Record Straight" FICTION! But if you're a fiction fan, hardcore fiction, this section on building muscle with drugs is not to be believed!

The Cold Hard Facts on Drugs
Take a look at the muscle stars from the 70's and you'll notice something fascinating. Besides the fact that men like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Chris Dickerson, Mike Mentzer, Serge Nubret, Sergio Oliva and Lou Ferrigno all had awesome physiques, they also shared TWO similarities.

One: None of them used anti-estrogens, (because they weren't yet invented).

And Two: NONE OF THEM HAD GYNO (aka Bitch Tits)!!!

How can this be?

The answer is simple. They knew how to cycle in a way that prevents the estrogenic backlash that is all too prevalent today (even WITH anti-estrogens). Learn their secret and avoid the tragic consequences of too much estrogen!

Like everyone else who has ever read a single steroid book on the proper use of anabolics, I used to include Clomid after each cycle. It was the responsible thing to do. So they say.

But there was just one little problem with this procedure. It seemed to make the recovery and the return of libido, testicular size, and normal testosterone levels WORSE instead of better. How can this be? Maybe I was just a weird exception to the rule. One doctor suggested I might have some bizarre feedback loop that gave the drug its negative effects. Maybe I was crazy...

Maybe not!

Nelson showed me in "Clomid - The Big Lie" the simple truth of the matter -- which is this: the thinking on Clomid is based on some very sketchy evidence which has been parroted endlessly in the bodybuilding community. In this section, you'll learn the bottom line.

So what drugs should you use after a steroid cycle? In the section, "If You Must," Nelson tells you which ones to use to keep the gains you worked so hard for -- making them permanent!

As awkward as the drug topic may be, I have no problem giving my opinion on the laws surrounding steroids. Make no mistake about it; the so called "war on drugs" is a farce. It costs us taxpayers billions. It doesn't work. It never has. It never will. Don't believe it?

All you have to do is take a look at the countries that have adopted a policy of less oppression toward drug users. Drug use is down! Violence and theft stemming from the need for drugs is non-existent! And the money once used to incarcerate is now used for rehabilitation. In the section, "WAR! (On Drugs) WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?", Nelson compares that to the condition as it now exists in the United States. And no one get's off the hook. For example, read what he writes about the feminists' role in all of this.

"This nation has been pussified within an inch of its life. Turn on any news show, talk show, or TV show in general and anytime you hear the word "testosterone", it's in a negative context. It symbolizes all that is evil about men -- aggression, belligerence, misogyny. Men are vilified if they so much as openly exhibit any masculine traits."

"And most men sit back and take it, as if they should somehow be apologetic for having balls."

"The irony of all of this is that women loathe these wimps whom they've psychologically castrated. Then they wonder; "Where are all the real men?"

"Think this isn't a feminist driven society? Then tell me this: Why is it that a man can take female hormones to become a woman and it's considered acceptable -- yet if he takes hormones to become more manly he's a criminal?"

This is the ORIGINAL Nelson Montana steroid plan that has helped thousands of bodybuilders achieve their goal of growing granite hard muscle, safely and PERMANENTLY!

With all the BS coming from a misinformed and sensational media, it seems almost inconceivable that steroid use can be considered something that is actually GOOD for you! But in "Steroids for Health," Nelson shows you that they can be -- maybe even as important as your daily multi-vitamin.

Sure, anyone familiar with "real" bodybuilding (not the crap extolled by supplement manufacturers) should know by now that the dangers of chemical enhancement are outrageously exaggerated. The general public, however, has been bombarded with a reefer madness like hysteria for so long that they can hardly be blamed for thinking that anabolic steroids are on par with heroin (both schedule II drugs -- in fact) as a life threatening substance. But in this section, filled with hardcore drug information, Nelson shows you all about using Steroids for Health!

For example, why take drugs just to lose your gains?

One of the biggest mistakes bodybuilders make when they decide to use steroids is the lack of an "exit strategy." They think if they follow the standard "post cycle" therapy, they'll be fine. But it almost never works. Steroid induced muscles must grow like any other -- through hard work and proper nutrition. They'll just grow faster. (Which is sooo cool.) But if you think you can gain 30 pounds in 8 weeks and keep it -- YOU'RE DREAMING! Your natural testosterone cannot possibly support that much additional muscle -- especially in a suppressed state! Get Nelson's step by step plan for using steroids with proper training so you can grow, grow, GROW, without crashes or setbacks.

This may come as a surprise, but after reading this section, I can say with all certainty, after all these years of being involved with bodybuilding and anabolic steroids, Nelson convinced me that Deca Durabolin is an overrated and ultimately, outdated drug. Learn why!

HCG -- Without The Gyno
The steroids used in lots of the cycles Nelson recommends makes the use of HCG unnecessary. However, if you want to use higher dosages and stay on for longer periods, Nelson tells you everything you want to know about using HCG as an invaluable aid in "easing the crash." Going from Superman to PeeWee Herman is no fun, but in the section "HCG -- Without The Gyno," Nelson shows you how to cushion the blow!

The practice of ordering steroids through the mail is a precarious endeavor. Screw up and you'll go to jail! But instead of elaborating on a host of secondary issues on the topic, Nelson gets right to the bottom line by addressing all of your common questions regarding this issue. And teaching you how to do it right!

THE NEW PROHORMONES Same Shit Different Day
The old prohormones were flawed, but for some reason we're all supposed to forget about that and go right out and buy the new and improved versions. The official stance of the Journal of the American Medical Association on prohormones is that they do little except raise your estrogen levels. Now, you may not agree with everything I write, but nothing I ever said raised anybody's estrogen levels! If you're thinking about prohormones, you won't want to skip this section!

IDOL GOSSIP The Lost Interview
This is the interview that was deemed too scathing to print! Read what Nelson has to say about some of the "heros" of the bodybuilding world and you'll never trust them again!

This section contains an interview with Nelson about his association with the Testosterone website. You'll learn how they pulled a Bill Philips style switch by baiting hardcore bodybuilders then turning into supplement scammers. This bait and switch happens more often than you think and you'll want to avoid it! It was never before printed. Until now!

In this section, Nelson makes your bodybuilding diet easy to understand -- he tells you what to eat to build muscle and what you eat to burn fat -- it's that simple!

FIRE UP THE FURNACE! How To Get Your Thyroid To Burn Fat For You
Want to lose fat? Who doesn't? Regardless of how much or how little size you may possess, everybody looks better with low bodyfat. You can be huge and muscular but if you're carrying a layer of blubber over your muscles, you won't look like much. At the same time, a tight and sinewy build with just minimal muscle will always look impressive...

(Quick, how many women do you think have a problem with Brad Pitt's body?)

Curious about the NEW FAT BURNERS? FORGET THEM! All central nervous stimulants suck! As soon as you stop taking them, not only do they stop working but they leave you with a suppressed metabolism, and that makes losing fat becomes harder than ever!

The answer to burning calories lies not so much in the food you eat but in how your body processes it. And the one thing that determines how well your entire metabolism operates isn't in your stomach, or your intestines, or even in your muscles. Oddly enough, it's located in your throat, of all places. It's that tiny butterfly shaped gland called the thyroid. Instead of trying to starve off weight or stimulating the nervous system, let your thyroid do the work. And in this section, Nelson shows you how to turn yours into a blast furnace!

Whenever someone contacts me either by e-mail, for a phone consultation, or for personal training instruction and they say to me; "I can't gain weight no matter what I do," I patiently try to explain to them the basics of proper macronutrient balance along with a detailed plan for consuming several meals throughout the day with the emphasis on adding more quality calories and plenty of protein.

But in my mind, I fantasize about smacking them repeatedly over the head with a 45 pound plate while screaming...


What Nelson proposes here isn't easy. Nor is it convenient. So unless you're committed to doing what it takes, it's not for you. But if you're interested in making some serious gains, even without drugs and without spending a fortune on supplements, this section will tell you how the food you eat can pack on pounds before your own eyes! Guaranteed!

Striated bodyparts. Sinewy muscle fibers. Sharply etched definition. Are these attributes the result of superior training? A pristine diet? Drugs?

In all likelihood, they're the result of a favorable hormonal output. That means high testosterone, and even more importantly, low estrogen!

Some people are just lucky in that they have naturally low estrogen levels. They're the fortunate few who are always lean and always cut. Estrogen makes you puffy, mushy, and virtually impervious to growing muscle. That's why women are usually softer than men, (and that's just fine with me).

I think that Estrogen's great if you're planning on having a baby, but it's a real obstacle if you're looking to build a hard body. If a man's estrogen is too high, it can be disastrous. In this section, Nelson shows you how to tip the balance in your favor!

THE TEST OF TIME The Effects of Testosterone Over The Years
Bottom Line: Testosterone makes the man and there's no way you're going to have the level you had when you were 30 once you're 50. There are risks, sure. But there are risks of having low levels as well. The therapy is new, and men today are the pioneers, or perhaps more aptly, the guinea pigs for these new procedures.

After considerable deliberation, Nelson jumped on board. And he's glad he did. In this section, he'll tell you first hand all about testosterone replacement! Included are some secret tips on how you may be eligible for a legal prescription for testosterone! It's easier than you think!

In this section, Nelson shares his very unique training programs that will throw a new twist into your training. Although all kinds of techniques might work, nothing works better than a routine that your body has never experienced. And for building muscle, these are awesome! Each workout consists of exercises you might not even know existed! Filled with obscure movements that hit your muscles in a whole new way.

But here's a WARNING... You'll read it and weep. This program is brutal! It's beyond painful! In fact, it's so tough, it's almost obscene! If the notion of over training is an issue for you -- DON'T BUY THIS eBOOK! This section is for the guy who isn't afraid to inflict some serious stress on his muscles and force them into hyper-growth! And that, it will definitely do. But it's gonna hurt ya. Here's the components:

TRAINING: The Nuts And Bolts
OUTLANDISH LEGS! An All Out Assault For a Wicked Set of Wheels
BETTER BICEPS A Quick and Effective Method
IMPROVE YOUR LAT-TITUDE Setting Your Mind Up For a Broader Back
TRIED AND TRUE Triceps: A Unique Triceps Movement That Guarantees Great Guns!
SERRATUS MAGNUS - The Forgotten Muscles
DARING MOVES FOR DYNAMIC DELTS - 7 Shoulder Exercises You've Never Tried - And Should!
NO BARS HELD Build an Armor Plated Chest--Without Barbells or Dumbbells!
YOU CAN SPOT-REDUCE! (Sort of) With These Secret Methods
PERPETUAL PROGRESS Radical Techniques for Avoiding Plateaus
ULTIMATE INTENSITY - Is It Necessary For Muscle Growth?
REBOUND TRAINING How Re-Training Your Muscles Can Re-Generate Growth

More than training, more than diet, more than supplementation, even more than anabolic steroids -- the most important ingredient in how much muscle you can grow has to do with recuperation.

Tissue repair takes place only when your body is at complete rest. As long as you're the slightest bit active, full recuperation can't occur. The only time your muscles will grow to their fullest is during sleep because it's during sleep that growth hormone is secreted and it's growth hormone that keeps your fat in check as well as builds firm muscles and tight skin. In this section, Nelson shows you how to get maximum growth out of your down time!

TIME UNDER TENSION It May Be More Important Than Sets And Reps
The biggest factor in the process of muscle growth is often ignored. It's the amount of time in which your muscles are placed under tension. Some experts believe that's the only thing that matters. And they could very well be right.

Follow along for a moment. When lifting a weight, your muscle goes through a range of motion. Within each nano-inch of movement, hundreds of fibers come into play. After completing a set of, let's say, 10 reps -- each of your muscle fibers have been stressed for a specific amount of time.

Now, let's suppose that set took 30 seconds to complete. What difference would it make if you only did five reps, yet, the total time was still 30 seconds? Wouldn't all of your muscle fibers have received the same amount of stress? Even though the muscle contracted half as many times, the period where the fibers were stressed was twice as long. See where this is going? In this section, Nelson gives you the bottom line to maximize growth by increasing your muscle's "Time Under Tension"!

HOW DO YOU RATE? Are Your Muscles as Strong as They Should Be?
Muscle growth may be your main objective but increasing your strength has its advantages. It's the most tangible gauge of your progress. It allows for more stress and ultimately, more growth. And besides, bodybuilders are expected to be strong! Even if you won't be entering any powerlifting contests in the near future, there's no reason you have to use pitiful poundage in your major lifts. Sometimes you have to show that all your muscle is useful for more than just looking good! Here's a simple test you can take that will tell you if you're as strong as you should be. And what you can do to increase your strength right away if you're not!

Your cycle's been over for weeks now. Any remainder or "half life" residue is long gone. It's leg day and it's time to see just how much of that chemically assisted strength you've retained. Most people will tell you that it can't be done. They say that any strength gains obtained through performance enhancers are the result of having the drug in your body. Once they're gone, there go the gains. But you refuse to accept that. Your mind set is different. The way you see it is; "I lifted it then, I can lift it now." That cycle was not a free ride. It was meant to take you to the next step. That step is here!

The Cold Hard Facts on Supplements
Sure, most bodybuilders who've been around for a while know that most supplement companies are far from honest. But what you'll read in here will outrage you! Some of these companies are more than liars. You might even say they're downright CRIMINAL! In this section, you'll get all the "Cold Hard Facts on Supplements!"

In every page of BottomLine Bodybuilding, Nelson Montana displays his own unique writing style to discuss the role of today's bodybuilder in the modern world. This eBook is poignant, perceptive, and opinionated as usual. It will leave you laughing, inspired, and rethinking the way you see bodybuilding, the world, and yourself. And it would not be a Nelson Montana eBook without his usual RANTS, RAVES, TANTRUMS AND TIRADES!

How much would you pay for 188 pages worth of hardcore bodybuilding information wrapped into one easy-to-read, muscle building, fat destroying ebook -- hardcore information you can't find anywhere else! Normally, Nelson sells BottomLine Bodybuilding for $69.97, but today and until midnight , he's agreed to offer BottomLine Bodybuilding to our readers as an instant access eBook download for the special price of $39.97. That's more than a 40% savings.

There's nothing else to buy. It's all here! For the price of a subscription to a magazine like Men's Health or a tub of protein powder, you can have bodybuilding's best-kept secrets at your fingertips! Best of all, if you place your secure eBook order by midnight , you'll also receive 7 free bonus reports valued at $189 all for free. Click here to place your secure eBook order and to save.

I'll give you all the details of the 7 free bonus reports a little further down, but first, I would sincerely appreciate your reading what some of the people who have read BottomLine Bodybuilding had to say about the book. All the following comments are on file and are completely unedited.

"I thought The Bodybuilding Truth was the best book I ever read on bodybuilding but you outdid yourself with BOTTOM LINE. Anything you write, I want to read! Thank you so much for the great work."

- Thomas Archer

"You're two for two! You're batting 1000!!! Bottom Line Bodybuilding is beyond awesome!"

- Dan Brillantino

"As you know I'm a life long natural athlete, but I found the drug information in BLBB very interesting. I also made a separate folder with all your routines in it. You've done it again Montana."

- Dennis Weis, The Yukon Hercules

"You are a pisser bro! I laughed my ass off and some of the stories in BOTTOM LINE BODYBUILDING! I also really like what you did with Steroids For Health."

- Rick Collins, Author of "Legal Muscle"

"I didn't think it was possible, but your new book is even better than the first."

- Steven Ruggerio

"What a breath of fresh air! After listening to one "guru" after the next, I came to realize that they're all full of s**t! Your advice is simple, straight ahead and easy to follow. It works!"

- Richard Savas

"Nelson, you may not remember me but I had a consultation with you about a year ago. All the advice you gave me was right on the money. Your new book is like an encyclopedia of bodybuilding wisdom. It's a bargain at twice the price."

- Jeff Folbert

"I'm going to recommend both your books to all of my friends. They need a major dose of reality when it comes to their training!"

- Michael Proffman

"I'll keep on buying all of your books as long as you write them. You've saved me tons of money!"

- Petter Dilling

"As a personal trainer, I've found your work to be invaluable in helping me to help others. I've gotten more out of your new book than all the personal trainer manuals combined. Keep it coming."

-Caleb Byokas

"Your shoulder routine is incredible. My delts used to be my worst bodypart, now they're the best! Thanks to you."

- Dave Cauling

"Now that I have both your books, they're in my special shelf with my favorite reading material. Both The Bodybuilding Truth and Bottom Line Bodybuilding are nothing short of masterpieces."

- Fred Bartlett

Fact: Many (and perhaps most) of Montana's testimonials are from buyers who are not resellers or friends. They don't have a hidden motive for endorsing his book. It's just their honest opinion.

People sometimes ask: "Aren't those testimonials just made up?" Nope. Why make'em up when Montana gets 2-4 new ones every day? Besides that, in the USA making up testimonials is fraud and you go to jail for it! Click here to place your secure eBook order and to save.

Don't forget, has been online since 1996. Hell, that makes us older than Google! So remember, when you place an order at Elite Fitness, your VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover card number is encrypted, or scrambled, so completely, that it is unreadable during transit. You'll see a discreet charge from Elite Fitness on your billing statement. And you're 100% protected by our Safe Shopping Guarantee.

And, at, we have a strong commitment to your personal privacy. Your trust is so important to us that when you do business with Elite, you can be assured that your personal information will never be sold, given away, or mishandled. And, you can ask that your personal information be removed from our files at any time. Please click here for our complete Privacy Policy. Or, click here to place your secure eBook order and to save.

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Free Bonus One: THE UGLY WORKOUT Look Bad -- Get Big

Are you walking the walk, or just talking tough? You might be able to impress your buddies at the gym with huge poundages, but to master the weight room you're gonna have to get nasty. Maybe it's time to stop looking pretty and start really bustin' your ass!

To many bodybuilders, the time spent training is the highlight of the day. More than a workout, the trip to the gym is also a chance to get away from the grind and escape into your own world.

It can also be the only chance to meet up with your "crew" -- who have the same burning desire that you have; getting bigger! And let's not forget the biggest perk of all. The gym is one of the few places where it's totally appropriate behavior to walk around with as much flesh showing as possible! The fact that the girls on the stairmaster feel the same way is a tasty treat too.

Sure you're there to work, but there's no reason why you can't have some fun along the way. But watch out, if your serious about getting massive, things are about to get real ugly. A $27 value, yours free when you order BottomLine Bodybuilding by midnight .


Is it possible? Can the perfect cycle be constructed? There are lots of people who think so. Unfortunately, what they consider perfect may not be perfect for you! To some, a successful cycle is one which produces the most noticeable immediate gains. They'll swear up and down how great it works, regardless of the side effects, health risks, or inability to maintain the gains. But instant gratification is not the name of the game here. To me, and you too I suspect, the "perfect" cycle (or one as close to perfect as possible) is one that does three things:

If that's your idea of a good cycle, this very special bonus report is for you. A $37 value, yours free when you order BottomLine Bodybuilding by midnight .

A Guest Editorial From "Anna The Anabolic Babe" by Miss Anna Varr...

Remember your first time? No, not that! I'm talking about the first time trying to inject yourself.

For me, it was equally as scary as the "other" first time but not nearly as pleasurable! At any rate, both experiences were over in a couple of seconds!

To many bodybuilders experienced in steroid use, shooting up is a walk in the park. But if you've never taken the plunge, so to speak, the idea of stabbing yourself and flooding your bloodstream with a substance you bought from some guy who you know only as "Big Lou," can be a little frightening to say the least.

When it comes to needles, whether you're a newbie, a novice, a needle phobic girlie-man like me, or a veritable veteran at the fine art of what amounts to anabolic hari-kari, there are a few tricks which can make the experience a lot less painful. In fact, with this free bonus report, self injection should be pain-less. A $17 value, yours free when you order BottomLine Bodybuilding by midnight .


This is the latest report on the newest crop of supplements -- and the ones that have been around for a while too. Some actually work. But most do not! Don't fall victim to the scams! A $27 value, yours free when you order BottomLine Bodybuilding by midnight .

Free Bonus Five: GROWTH HORMONE -- For The Last Time

Although it's been around for over 10 years, Growth Hormone maintains a certain mystique to it. This is due, for the most part, to its inaccessibility. GH is simply out of the budget of most bodybuilders.

Still, there are the stories. "It'll help you keep gains in-between cycles." "It'll burn off fat." "It'll enhance the effect of other anabolics." There's some truth to these claims, but many are grossly exaggerated. In the free bonus report, GROWTH HORMONE -- For The Last Time, Nelson separates fact from fiction! A $27 value, yours free when you order BottomLine Bodybuilding by midnight .

Free Bonus Six: WHY YOU'RE NOT GROWING Releasing The Secret To Greater Gains

Why one person turns weight training combined with a high protein diet into massive muscle while another who trains and eats just as well struggles with slow progress is an ongoing mystery. Yet, with all the unanswered questions that still exist, one thing is certain: when it comes to determining how much muscle you can grow, the main factor is how much free testosterone is in your body.

Testosterone is the king of hormones in terms of developing strength and size. However, with all the use, and over-use of testosterone and other steroids, many enhanced bodybuilders don't grow much more than some natural athletes. Why?

The answer to that question is of immense importance, not only to chemically enhanced athletes, but also to those who are natural as well.

What determines how much free testosterone we have at any given time is an enzyme known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin -- also known as SHBG. The more you have, the more testosterone you'll keep in a worthless bound state. This pesky little enzyme is the reason some guys hardly grow even while on high dosages of steroids.

Instead of taking freakier dosages of testosterone, it would make more sense to allow more of the testosterone we already have to become unbound. Unfortunately, the amount of SHBG you have is determined mostly by genetics and those individuals who have a lot of it will probably always remain "hardgainers." SHBG also increases with age. In spite of these drawbacks, there have been some fascinating new findings that will show you how to reduce your level of SHBG and as a result, tilt the odds of gaining and keeping massive amounts of muscle in your favor.

In the free bonus report, WHY YOU'RE NOT GROWING Releasing The Secret To Greater Gains, Nelson shares the latest findings and shows you how to put them to work for you! A $27 value, yours free when you order BottomLine Bodybuilding by midnight .

Free Bonus Seven: THE MISSING INGREDIENT Has It Been Lacking From Your Workouts?

A workout that isn't hard is hardly a workout at all. Naturally, going full balls-to-the-walls every time you step into the gym isn't realistic. Nevertheless, if you've had more sessions where you just "got it over with" than those where you were really "in the groove," you just may be stuck in a "no growth zone."

If you're reading a magazine while riding a stationary bike, or if you're watching television while repping curls, or even if you're engrossed in the music playing on your headset, you may not be training as well as you think you are. By removing yourself from the moment, the most crucial aspect of the set is lost -- that deep down intense focus that reaches those stubborn muscle fibers and forces them to grow. You can't get it if your mind is elsewhere. Arnold often spoke about seeing his biceps expanding into "mountain peaks" which, in turn, allowed them to grow beyond what was once thought possible. That analogy may be a little too "cosmic" for today's real world bodybuilder but it's still valid. Only when all the parts are in place -- mental and physical -- can optimum results incur. (Besides, who am I to argue with Arnold?)

There is a technique that ensures maximum effort. It makes all the difference between a successful set and one of just going through the motions. Coincidentally, or not, it's also a technique which was quite common when Arnold trained, yet today, it's rarely practiced with any seriousness. It's the Peak Contraction Principle, and if you aren't using it, you aren't getting all you can out of your workouts.

In the free bonus report, THE MISSING INGREDIENT Has It Been Lacking From Your Workouts?, Nelson tells you how to harness the Peak Concentration Principle to make more gains from your workout than you ever thought possible.

It comes with a caveat, however. It's not only painful, it remains painful throughout the set and long afterward. Right about now you may be thinking, "Sounds great! How do I get started?" As long as you absolutely love the feeling of your muscles feeling like they're on fire, you'll do just fine. Just please resist the urge to whimper like a schoolgirl, ok? A $27 value, yours free when you order BottomLine Bodybuilding by midnight .

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